Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Great Baby Boom Of Year 1

Yet another usual day in Nyrn, this time filled with the predicted sounds of kisspopping comming from the direction of Fiken. Fiken and Ahaz had found eachother and created that Kisspopping music heard accross Nyrn but only a few times. I was on my way to them when I saw on my screen a pregnancy sign pop up simultaneously as a death icon, or nearly so. Surprised with the sudden appearance of both I took my priorities in hand and clicked on the death icon to be braught right to Ahaz. It took me a moment to realize what had happened. Ahaz had become a future father just a second before he passed away. He spent his last remaining strength as an ancient norn giving life to a son or daughter. Above is the last picture my game took of him. Fiken looks very pleased to be mothering a future baby Ahaz.
As you can see, Ahaz lived to the ancient age of 3 hours and 46 minutes.. well that's not so ancient. He happened to age quicker than the other norns in my world, but it's still plenty enough time for him to have lived a full life. The oldest norn in Nyrn has now died.

By the volcano a little baby girl, Anas, has come to visit Aldaril. Aldaril had been spending all of his time with the mushrooms, but had begun to grow just a little bored of them, they never did anything. Finally Anas shows up and Aldaril was very pleased to finally have a playmate that plays back! I watched them enjoy each others company by following each other around, and playing on the lift together. There was no hijacking going on, just mutual enjoyment in riding up and down the lift! It was very sweet. Soon Anas would be joining the rest of her sisters, and all of her aunts and female cousins in the great stasis that is my hard drive once she comes of age. Enjoy your time here while you can Anas, the next time you see this place as it's new queen it may be very different.
I had only spent a short time away from Fiken, but when I returned I was not surprised to see her still kisspopping. It is a little sad and makes me wince sometimes when I constantly hear her whimpering from pain as boredome overcomes her whenever she isn't kisspopping. Because of Fiken the population of Nyrn has boomed and is thriving, in contrast to the norn famines in the past! Fiken is a savior to the future of the tribe! Each egg she lays is layed with a bright smile, as if she was put on this planet solely for the purpose of continuing the tribe!
I have fun watching Fiken and thinking about how she's the savior of the tribe. I had even more fun watching her learn to use the lift without being hijacked in it! Ainat had found his way to the treehouse and was spending time with the little shee dolly inside (yay! One of my norns likes my doll!) but has been expressing his lonliness. When he expressed that he was a little bit friendly (which is rare, Ainat never gets friendly!) Whoosh! Comes Fiken the kisspopping fairy! She had some words of advice for him and kisspopped him a few times. Because of Fikens super firtility I expected a pregnancy any second, but it never came. I remembered every time Ainat had kisspopped with anyone he had never become a father and I worried that he was infirtile. The one time he actually becomes friendly I figured he needed a little help.
I removed all other norns from the treehouse, and then let Fiken and Ainat choose where they wanted to be. I played a little romantic music on the harp and watched the hearts between them fly! I played the harp again, again and again! There was a flurry of kisspopping, but still no pregnancy. I almost had given up, chalking Ainat up to being infirtil, sadly, when suddenly a pregnancy icon appeared on my screen! Yay! Ainat is finally going to pass his cute forest norn genetics on to a child! Ainat's bright smile beamed letting me know he was happy to finally be a father too!
Ainat walked away when his romantic encounter was done. Unlike Fiken who is always friendly, Ainat, though very pleased, took interest in something else now, and that was the shee doll again. (very flattering for me!) Meanwhile, Fiken was left alone, which she would not have preferred. She would have rather kept kisspopping with Fiken but he was just not built like her to last through all of that kisspopping. It's not his fault. Fiken was happy, however, when Anel joined her up in the treehouse.
Anel looks like a baby norn because of his short size. He might as well be a cute little norn midget! So it was a big surprise to me when a flurry of kisspopping made Fiken pregnant again, so soon after laying Ainat's egg! Ainat's egg is the white egg in the foreground in front of them.
Anel and Fiken crouched down by the eggs quite happy being together while Fiken layed Anel's future child. On the way toward them, meanwhile, back comes Ainat to check on Fiken whom he'd left earlier.
When Ainat saw that not only was Fiken no longer alone, but she and Ainat had produced another egg together he looked solemn. He was so hoping to have some more time alone with Fiken, just the two of them. I felt sad as I watched what looked like disappointment in Ainat's eyes.

Ainat continued over to them and crouched behind a third egg recently layed by Fiken and the second future child of Anel, and looked at it in disappointment. Fiken's sadness was not sadness at all but an expression of pain after laying a third egg in a row. I don't blame her! She's a hard working norn. Was Ainat's disappointment due to Anel having more eggs than he, or that he was obviously not Fiken's favorite norn? Either way It broke my heart to see such an innocent norn as Ainat, father for the first time, so sad.
Because Ainat's egg was the first to be layed, it was also the first to hatch. Out popped a very energetic little girl with the body of Ainat and the head of her mother. She hatched with a "pop!" out of her egg shell and her legs were moving even before she touched the ground! They carried her to the lift and she pushed it without faulting, riding it down. What a very smart little norn! She knew just what she wanted! You can see the joy she has from just being in the world with the bright smile she beams at me through the bamboo of the lift!
After the exportation of Anas, Aldaril traveled alllll the way from the volcano area, accross the swamp to the treehouse where he joined the little drama party. He had no clue what was going on by the eggs but knew he had to see what all of the fuss was about. He was very surprised to see so many eggs in one place at once, and crouched down to look at all of them! Poor Ainat looks so miserable peering at the number of eggs that Fiken has layed without him.

Of all of the eggs layed in the treehouse, only two were boys. 

Meet Angoril and Ano in that order. Ano is behind Aldaril the pixie norn and this is a terrible picture of him. You will get to see him in future posts though, so no worries!

Current norn population: 15


  1. Fiken is certainly a busy Norn! I was sad to see that Ahaz had passed on, but it was quite a tribute for him to have used his very last strength to become a father one last time. Nyrn is teeming with life, which I'm sure is a welcome sight! It's nice to see a bit of a mix of Norns, too, especially in the C1 Norns. Congratulations to Ainat, finally! Seems like it took forever, but I'm very happy he was able to pass along his genes. I laughed a little in the two pictures where his head was hidden behind the beehives: Kind of looks like he was trying out a new mask or hat!

    The babies are adorable, and as always, I look forward to finding out more about them down the line! Hopefully Fiken will slow down a little bit and take some time for herself: Laying that many eggs at once must take its toll!

  2. I would like to know if Creatures will play on my new PC it is Windows 7. Don't have my older Creatures disk lost it. I miss the creatures. Enjoy their adventures etc. Like them better than my Sims.
    my new computer is a Gateway.
    As a full time caregiver I am looking forward to having the Creatures again.. MaggieMu

  3. Dear Maggie:
    Perhaps you can find the answer on the Creaturetopia forums. I believe there is a link to them on this blog in my links section to the right. I believe i've seen that question asked on there a few times before.
    I also play sims 3 and am just as addicted! Glad to meet another sims fan.