Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Baby Boom Explosion

Meet today's newest norns. In order they are Anruin, Arathor and Vando. Again, sorry for the horrible picture quality. 
Let me explain: I have it set up so that the game will automatically snap a picture whenever one of a few things happens; A norn arrives through the warp, A norn is exported, A norn dies or A norn is born. I set this up this way because I do wish to have pictures of all of these eventens, however attempting to do it myself was combersome. As many of you known, it can be nearly impossible to get norns to do what you want them to and by the time i'd get to the norn they were already a long ways away from the initial event I wanted a picture of. This way it's much easier since the game takes care of it. The drawbacks, as you can see, is the game doesn't care what it's taking a picture of. Anruin was born crammed in a tiny lift with many other norns. The next two pictures were taken when my game was minmized (while I retrieved names for them, my mistake!). That's what the pictures look like when the game snaps them while my game is minimized. "Why don't you just go back and manually take a good picture?" because any second, third or fourth pictures are not of the "initial event moment" when it actually happened, but of several seconds after it happened. There can be only one, unfortunately.
Now that that long winded explanation is out of the way..! My world is booming with an explosion of baby norns running around! They're overtaking the adults and growing up at a rapid pace! While I'm beginning to feel the effects of being overwhelmed i'm also very hopeful that the growing crowdedness will encourage the norns to explore further away from their tribe!
There are now so many babies running around, unfortunately, that I cannot remember who has what name. I wish I could tell you this little norns name, but I have forgotten! (*Is an honest shee*) (My educated guess from the above three pictures is he's Arathor) He is a newborn just hatched fresh out of his egg in the treehouse where most of the eggs seem to be layed these days. I'm very happy to see the treehouse is no longer being ignored. We seem to have a potential musician on our hands, because as soon as he hatched it was love at first sight with the horn! I thought it was just so adorable when the tiny baby norn hands held the instrument to his little head and blew, announcing his arrival to all in the tribe with a blast from the trumpet!
Fiken happily layed another golden egg in the tree house by the call button while the father, successfully having fathered so many children with Fiken already, gazed happily out at the beautiful waterfall. This particular part of the tree house is a wonderful spot for sightseeing and this is why I often place norns here for their romantic encounters. Fiken, however, decided she likes this place and stayed for a very long time. Those wanting to become fathers would come to her.
On the ground where very few norns are is Alds. Three little baby norns play around the bee nest, enjoying the warm golden honey from it as it's produced while watched protectively over by the babysitting Alds. The sudden abundance of inexperienced children in the tribe has seemed to grow up Alds quite a bit emotionally. Alds was often the one getting in to things and being where he shouldn't, but now here he is protectively babysitting the three nornlets. He stayed by their sides where ever they went.
I was delighted to find Fiken has paired up with one of her many sons and taken an experimental field trip higher in the tree house! As you can remember, only one norn has ever been higher than the first level before, and he eventually passed away because of the dangers found outside of the forest. Not to fear, however, this little baby had his mother to protect him. They explored the upper levels of the tree house together with Fiken watching out for her little one lovingly. It was touching to see them, and Fiken not thinking only about kisspopping for once, but in stead sharing priceless time with her kids.Wherever the little boy went Fiken was right behind. They looked at toys they'd never seen before and ate fruits that fell from the trees for snacks when they got hungry.
Fiken seemed to be doing a good job taking care of the both of them so I felt safe enough to leave them long enough to find Ainat's daughter had decided to explore, herself! She had taken a brave journey to the middle of the swamp all by herself and discovered some forgotten toys! By the time I reached her she was done playing with them, and began her trek back toward the tribe to rejoin.
I wanted to keep a good eye on the exploring pair in the tree house so nothing horrible happened to them, like did the last explorer. Fiken expressed a complaint of friendliness when she and her son reached the very top level of the tree house! This is the most dangerous level because it contains the teleporter that ultimately transported the previous explorer to the desert. Neither of these norns were interested in the teleporter however. They decided to play it safe and enjoy the leafy view and cool breezes at the very top! Baby boy, behind her, finds the bouncy toy (I haven't ever discovered if these are just toys, or have an actual use).
And up he goes! Being flung in to the air a short distance was fun, and so he repeated a couple more times before his mother turned around and saw what a dangerous toy he was playing with and quickly stopped this behavior. As soon as Fiken turned around and expressed to him, he stopped playing with the toy and moved closer to her side. 

In the treehouse on the first level, three unhatched eggs wait for their turn to hatch. I have a population cap of 20 in my world to prevent my computer from lagging too much. A population of 20 lags the computer already, but I am still able to move my hand around and play the game without too much frustration. Fiken's friskiness continues to produce eggs even while the population cap is active, resulting in the lower level of the tree house turning in to a big norn nest. I am pleased that I won't have to hunt down any of the eggs when it's time for them to hatch, I know right where they all are. Fiken has a good idea after all.

Current norn population: 18 (baby girls make 20)


  1. Wow, quite a population boom. Although it's good your Norns aren't going to die out any time soon, this is one of the reasons I prefer C1&2. Easier to keep tabs on all your Norns and less likely to forget any of them :P