Monday, August 8, 2011

Too Many Look-alikes

I was testing out different picture resolutions with my fraps to see what would look best and I ended up with this extra picture. It turns out the resolution i've been using all along is the best. Instead of just throwing this photo away, though, I thought it might be handy to give a look at how this part of Nyrn is set up. Sorry the picture isn't very large, if I make it original size, which is the only other size option I have, it takes up the whole screen and looks terrible.
In the middle of the screen squatting beside a freshly layed yellow egg is Fiken the proud mother! As you can also see, I have 4 norns that you can barely tell the difference between, they all look like a chichi/neko mix with purple ears and little golden heads. Because of this I'm having trouble telling who is who unless selected! So please forgive me in the future if I say I forgot who a specific norn is.
At one point everybody decided somebody's name was Bub. I watched them for a minute or two with the hopes of finding out who they were talking about but it was in vain. I still don't know who had named themselves Bub! 
Once again, Fiken has managed to become pregnant. Her pregnant escapades are nearly non stop, with only the occasional pause for a snack or nap. My world is quickly filling up, but because the father is nearly always Anarenen, as is the case in this post, all of the offspring look nearly the same to each other as I mentioned earlier. This presents a mild problem of telling them apart. I am happy to have lots of cute, smiling neko faces in my world though, cat's happen to be my favorite species.
After another long bout of kisspopping a third pregnancy was on the way. You may notice by now that I haven't yet posted any pictures of the last two offspring, that's because the two eggs had not yet even hatched and Fiken is again pregnant! As such, she lays down for a quick nap before laying her egg, resting while her belly grows. Luckily, Fiken has nothing to worry about with her offspring growing numerous because the land in which she lives is overflowing with an abundance of food. A virtual eden is a perfect place to make a big family!
As someone pushes the speech teaching robot Fiken decides it's the perfect time to lay her egg. A little speckled egg appears in front of her proud smiling face as she adds yet another addition to the tribe!

I was pretty sure that Fiken's fertility would keep her out of trouble for a while, so I was free to check up on some of the other norns. Everybody seemed to be happy except Ainat, who appeared to be stuck in a certain pose. I pulled, pushed, tickled and spanked and still he refused to stop "looking". He looked at the plants, at the fruits, at the nuts, at the toys.. but did nothing more but stand still, looking. His drives told me he was very hungry and bored, but they were being ignored. Worried, I picked him up and put him in the treehouse away from many distractions, then began to do my best to snap him out of it. 
After a couple of spanks I was successful in snapping him out of his seeming hypnotic trance. Fiken came to as if he'd been sleeping wide awake! He soon discovered toys again, walking over to the little horn and playing it in the treehouse balcony for all to hear! This is when I picked him up and put him back on the ground to rejoin his tribe, a changed norn. I still don't know what caused him to go into a hypnotized-like state. He hasn't done it since.
Aldaril ventured bravely from the safety of his tribe accross the swamp. He discovered some very colorful mushrooms growing on the other side and took great interest in them. There are very few of these growing in the forest but they mostly get trampled by the norns there. I just hope he doesn't mistake the deathcap right behind them as also being tastey!

I didn't play very long today so only one egg had a chance to hatch through all of this. Meet Nyrn's newest citizen, Angaredhel. Angaredhel is now one of many golden haired, neko ettin headed, chichi bodied offspring running around the forest. He quickly blended right in with the crowd.

Current norn population: 13


  1. Aww! At least the look-alikes are adorable: I never like it when you end up with a lot of Norns that are really similar, but don't have the added cute factor. Fiken must really like Anarenen! Hopefully the C1 Norns will be able to pass along their genes, too. Seems like they're feeling a little bit lost, but at least Aldaril decided to go on a little adventure! Another excellent update: I always feel so attached to your Norns!

  2. Really? :o Thank you, that's a big compliment comming from you! I always feel the most connected with the norns from your blog because you so eloquently give them all personalities with the way you type. I never felt I was up to par with you on doing that, but try my best to do that at times too. So thank you for that compliment. :)

  3. You're very welcome! And thank you for the very kind compliments! Sometimes I feel like I spend way too much time describing my Norns, but my worst fear is to fly through a few lives and leave out anyone. You've always had a nice balance in your posts: I never feel like you're spending hours and hours to write about a few minutes of gameplay, nor do you rush through your posts. Best of all, I often find myself smiling or laughing over a cleverly placed joke or remark!

    Thank you for keeping up such a wonderful blog!