Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wayward Nornling (or) A Little Norn's Adventure

I had a couple very sad deaths in my world today. The first to go was a shock to me and I had to take a moments pause when I learned it was Ainat. Ainat died on his feet, the same way he slept, and with a smile on his face. He did have a chance to pass his genes on to a daughter who will continue to pass them on to suitors in the far future. Soon to follow Ainat's passing was Anel. As far as I can tell they both passed due to starvation, not eating what was just at their feet. 
The good news is that two norns hatched today also! Meet Areas and Aren. Areas has his mothers body, chichi arms and mothers head. Areas has his fathers legs and feet. Aren hatched a golden haired little baby unlike his mother, and in the midst of a small storm. They both were very lively youngsters and seem to know they have an exciting life ahead of them with all of the energy they have to spend!
Anruin found the jar of honey that seems to be very popular with the norns and decided to go for a little hike in seek of adventure! He smartly found the button and rode the lift up as if he knew just what it was for. He knew it would be a long hike and he might need the food the honey provides.

I watched as little Anruin took his life in to his own hands while the adults were busy looking after the other baby norns. When nobody was looking he wandered waaay off to the next level of the treehouse. A toy car caught his attention and with honey under one arm he walked over to see what it was! Boy did he find it fun! Who would have thought such fun toys could be way out where nobody ever goes!
Anruin played with the toy, pushing it and following it in to the green tube where it lead him. Suddenly he found himself sorrounded by glass and became a little nervous, crouching down to gain his bearings and rest momentarily while he thought of what he was going to do next.
There was only one way to go now, he went forward to the other end of the tube. It brought him in to a funny room full of mechanical devices and computers. He had no concept of what they all did and so didn't find them very interesting. His honey jar had been abandoned in the tube behind him. Ahead he saw another tube with a funny device in it. Not knowing how to use the vehicle, he just walked right past it down the tube.
The bottom dropped out just when the swamps platforms were below the tube and Anruin was sent falling gently to the wood below. He didn't quite know what to do with such sudden new sorroundings, but found another honey jar waiting for him... and another toy car! What luck he was having today! Anruin threw his arms up in happiness and did a little dance to the car.
With the honey in one hand he walked over to the car and played with it joyfully! He must have spent hours playing with it right there, taking a sip of honey when ever he felt a twinge of hunger, and sometimes when he didn't. There were no other norns around to crowd him out or tell him what he should and should not do. I could tell he was having a blast!
Soon, his curiosity got the best of him and he decided to move on. He walked to the next lifted, pushed it and rode down, patiently waiting in side the bamboo until the door opened and let him step out. He found himself on the next lower level of the swamp platforms and spied something shiny in the distance. Anruin made his way over to a little metal triangle and found it even more fun than the toy cars he'd previously found! This new toy discovery was the best yet! You can just see the excitement in his big smile. There he stayed, playing with the triangle and with the honey in hand.
Back at the treehouse I found a couple more young norns exploring the upper levels. I had to laugh when I saw one of the little girls (Anis) hitching a ride on the lift with only her butt! She must have buns of steel to ride like that! She looks like she's quite enjoying it though!
At the top most level, again the little bouncy spring toy was found. As her friend had his back turned and wasn't watching Anis curiously pressed the spring toy...
And bounced high in the air! Great joy was had in this and she repeated it a few more times before her friend said it was time to go. Even he would not let an innocent little girl wander too far from the tribe alone.


  1. Wow, it's great to see so many norns go wandering. I hope that they don't get into too much trouble as they wander.
    Many of Fabi's ancestors were amphibious, able to survive both in & out of the water. I hope that Fabi passed those traits on to his descendants, to give them a little bit more protection from danger while they are wandering.

  2. What a wonderful post! I'm a little late in responding, but I'm glad I got the chance to catch up. It's always a shame to hear of some deaths, but hopefully Ainat and Anel will rest in peace. Anruin certainly had an exciting adventure! I'm glad he didn't stray too far, though, since it gets difficult to keep an eye on everyone. I had a good laugh at Anis with her "buns of steel" and the position of her arms as she bounced on the springy toy! Very cute!

  3. Oh I know! I cracked up when I saw her riding the lift like that. And I do hope that some of them have inherited Fabi's water breathing ability to some extent, it does make it a bit safer.