Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Life Of A Queen

As the title suggests Fiken has become a breeding machine! My whole day has been spent watching her either trying to get pregnant, or doing so and laying eggs. I began to wonder if I would become overwhelmed with eggs! Luckily and curiously this has not been the case, though the threat is still there. Though she was kisspopping nearly constantly, most kisspops have been unsuccessful. Even so, a few have been successful and she still has a long life ahead of her! Fiken began the kisspopping with the nearest norn An-zaw who seemed delighted to have the opportunity to become a father. 
With the youthful An-zaw watching over her Fiken decided the best place to lay the egg would be right next to the lift button. Pleased, she gazed past the egg at me with a big smile on her face! I too was happy to have a future little one running around, and An-zaw got to become a father for the very first time! Little did I know this was only the beginning.

Not long after the first egg hatched, Fiken was at it again, this time persuing Anarenen. It didn't take long for a kisspop to produce another pregnancy. I was then reminded of the genetics I looked at for Fiken and the parts where it said pain and fear would cause friendliness.. This certaintly seems so! But does this mean she has been either in pain or fear this whole time? She doesn't look to be so with that bright smile on her face, in fact she looks like she's having quite a bit of fun.
The second egg was layed behind the floating parts of Ahaz. Fiken stared from behind the shiny, white egg happily as if such a thing was a great accomplishment. Surely, after the previous breeding droughts this is quite refreshing to have the promise of an abundance of norns!

Now the queen of the tribe is supposed to be like royalty.. like the alpha or chief. The queen is supposed to be special. Up to now I suddenly realized that there was no sign of such specialness except the fact that the queen was the only female there. Surely there has to be something more to set her apart from the other norns. Then I got an idea! I thought what about bestowing upon each queen the royal treatment of imbuing her with absolute knowledge! I picked up Fiken and transported her to the learning machine on the meso which she was all too excited to experience! Of course, she loved it! I picked her up with her head all full of the new knowledge, and plopped her back down among the rest of the norns to share that knowledge. I was very pleased to see she did indeed share, and often suggested solutions to other norns who expressed themselves. Everyone became more social and talkative.
On the way back to the other norns, though, the first words out of Fikens mouth were these! I laughed. I had already seen plenty of evidence of this to tell me that, but now she finally could express herelf properly and voice her concerns.

Right after I let her back down on to the ground she marched right over to Ainat and began to kisspop with him. The idea of having baby Ainats walking around would be splendid, and so I happily watched to see if anything came of it. I think all C1 norns have an adorable charm about them and so far none of the C1 norns I have recently introduced to Nyrn have decided to kisspop. Silently, I was rooting for a baby Ainat.

Nothing came from Ainat and Fikens affair, though. Fiken quickly became tired, and quite understandably so with all of the kisspopping she has been doing, and layed down for a nap. I watched, just before she layed down, as she began to flinch in pain. Suddenly I was reminded from her genetics that it said she would experience pain from sleepiness. It is a sad thing, but the pain only lasts until she falls asleep. Soon after doing so her frowny face always turns back in to a smile.
Right after waking up, with a little guidance from me, her next task was to continue kisspopping Ainat. Ainat didn't seem to mind. He always looks like he's having fun because of the big smile that seems to be a permanent resident on his face. Ainat played behind the bee's nest while Fiken slowly did her best to make her way to him, feeling the need to turn around once every other step on the way. Then, the kisspopping continued. Unfortunately, still no pregnancy developed from this.
I decided to take a small break from Fiken so that I could monitor the other norns, make sure nobody was getting in to trouble. Ahaz seems to occasionally, when i'm not watching him, decide that waste is a great tasting snack and gives himself a small burst of glycotoxin. He becomes sick only for a brief time and always recovers, but it worries me that it may be affecting his long term health.
Aldaril has taken up talking to plants apparently. I've always heard plants like this and maybe he senses that. Aldaril expressed his need to the plant, and ignored all suggestions from me to sleep.
Fiken continues to try and get Ainat interested in kisspopping her back, but he never is interested. His attention is always on the plants and toys around. He enjoys watching other norns too, but Fiken doesn't seem to be on his list of what to give his attention to. I believe this is why the kisspops never seem to result in pregnancies for them. 

Fiken's failed attempts at romancing Ainat drove her to move on to another norn. She chose the next nearest to her, which luckily for me, who want's a baby C1 norn, happens to be Aldaril the pixie norn! Aldaril also didn't seem to care much about Fiken, but she was determined to try! She approached Aldaril but no matter how many times she kissed him he wasn't interested in returning the favor. No pregnancy here either.

Fiken decided to take a short break, much to my relief, and play with some toys. In spite of there being a most obvious spinny top in front of her, she decided to play with the much harder to see shape shifting green toy, hiding in the grass as a seed. I watched her closely, careful not to let her run in to the invisible wall only a couple steps from her.

Eventually her attention shifted to the spinny top toy with a little suggestion from me. Thanks to her new found ability in language, she takes suggestions from me, and others, much easier which is a relief. It can become pretty frustrating when the norns don't listen to you, or can't listen to you.

A little time passed, not much but enough to get her rested up, and then she saught out Anarenen. Anarenen happened to not be the closest norn, but the only one who would return her kisspops for now. Their quick love affair resulted in a second pregnancy much to Fiken's happiness. After the initial kisspop Anarenen peeked over at Ainat as if to mock him that Anarenen would become a father before Ainat, but Ainat didn't care.

As if posing for a family portrait Ainat and Anarenen smile big at the camera while I snap a photo of Fiken laying her tiny white egg beside the many flowers. This time she was not sleepy when the egg was layed and it was a much less painful, and much better experience. Fiken, too, smiled brightly at the camera when I snapped the photo, with her unborn(unhatched?) son in the picture it certaintly would make a for a great portrait. You can hardly notice Aldaril sleeping over at the side.

All too soon after the egg was laid (you can see it hasn't even had time to grow very large yet!) Fiken was once again kisspopping Anarenen and became pregnant yet again. If this keeps up throughout her lifetime she will have Nyrn overrunning with norns and populate the whole world! As sleepiness overtakes Fiken after the feverish kisspopping, she feels pain and lays down to rest with the hopes to rid herself of the sleepiness that is so painful.
There, beside the first egg, the second was layed. Poor Fikens face expresses the amount of pain she's feeling and clearly it isn't pleasant.. curiously enough however, my norn statistics panel that shows the health status' of the norns doesn't register as ever being in pain, clearly you can see she is though! It's a little bit confusing for me, yet I trust my norns more than I do my machines to tell me what's goin on. Aldaril the pixie norn and Anarenen look at the two eggs in awe that so many could be in one place at once. Never before in the history of Nyrn has more than one egg been in the world at a time so close together! This truely is another feat for the history books(history scrolls?) of Nyrn.
Fiken's pain didn't last long, for as soon as she got her nap in she woke up feeling as right as rain again, as always is the case! Feeling the hunger from a long period of doing other things rather than eating, she walked over to the small carrot garden by the waterfal and began eating a big meal of delicious carrots! I must admit, seeing a norn enjoy the carrots so much makes me wish I could reach in to my computer screen and taste one sometimes! Fiken showed a big smile and bright shiny eyes while she ate, just proving she enjoys it so much.
Meanwhile, a curious Ainat looks at the two eggs in wonder. As one of the baby norns stirs inside a quickly maturing egg Ainat puts his tiny hands to his face and peers into the shell curious of who could be inside!

Now I haven't shown any of the babies yet because there were so many, it might seem a little confusing or mixed together to show them as they hatched. I will show you the new citizens of Nyrn now!

 In order, meet Adil, Anas, Anel and Anes. I believe this was the order in which they were hatched also. Another thing to note, A small change i've added to my world is the tiny purple robot. If I haven't mentioned it before, it helps to teach the norns words, slowly, when pushed. This helps give the opportunity for every norn to learn english, which I think every norn deserves that opportunity.. but it is still realistic.
Next, we'll see how well the new arrivals fit in with the rest of their tribe!

Current norn population: 13
Oldest living norn currently: Ahaz


  1. What a wonderful post! I've been having a similar experience with a whole lot of kiss popping in my world, although the Norns seem to be pretty successful thus far! The pictures of Fiken with her eggs are priceless: She looks so proud of them! I love the addition of the C1 Norns to your world, too. All of the new babies look adorable, too! Hopefully Fiken will be able to convince some of these other males to join her in being friendly. At least now you'll be able to understand whatever she says!

  2. Great to see your worlds population increasing again. And the babies are adorable. I really love the cat-like breed with the golden hair. I hadn't seen them before visiting your blog and they're very cute.

  3. They're norngirl's neko ettins! I recieved these specific neko ettin sprites from Fabi himself. n.n

  4. Looking back at your previous post, every time Fiken gets bored she feels fear, & every time she feel fear she gets friendly... wow Fiken is going to be very friendly almost all the time. No more worries about running into another breeding drought with a queen like that. The four babies are all so cute, it will be fun seeing what the next batch of babies looks like.

  5. Yep, and Fiken is nearly always pregnant. I'm not complaining!