Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I started my world today happy that i'll be able to introduce a new queen in to my world after warping Alynu. I did this because technically, by having Alynu around, I was breaking my own rules. Alynu isn't officially the rightful queen. Since she had mothered two sons already I decided that was plenty of contribution to the tribe and passed her on to another owner. I opened my console and imported a girl from very far back when the creatures were still living in C1 Albia. To represent this I chose a picture of Machiki from back then! I don't know if you remember Chiyoe but I sure do and this is the first daughter of Chiyoe out of 7 daughters! Machiki boasts of beautiful golden curls, bright green apple norn eyes, a santa norn body and chichi arms!
Machiki blended right in with the tribe and nobody minded that they had a new queen. In fact, Machiki waisted no time in becoming very friendly with sorrounding norns! The nearest norn to catch her eye was Alds and they began to kisspop like crazy right before my eyes! I couldn't believe what I was seeing, after all of the difficulties breeding previously! Though I was suprised, I was also refreshedly happy, knowing this intense kisspopping promises an abundance of future generations!
I watched Machiki proudly after the kisspop that quickly got her pregnant, anticipating the laying of the egg. She walked around grazing happily for quite some time among the lush vegitation, and time passed. Then she began to kisspop feverishly again! I was confused, and rightly so. Norns are not supposed to become friendly after becomming pregnant at all, it's impossible! Or so I thought.. My confusion braught me to check her out with the hoverdoc and see just what was going on with her hormones. Machiki didn't mind a hoverdoc attached to her and floating behind while I checked her. Oestrogen was nearly nonexistant, her sex drive continued to rise, dropping only after a kisspop and I watched as her progesterone rose extremely slowly before stopping completely.
As you can see in the picture here her progesterone is not rising any further, this means a forever pregnancy. I certaintly couldn't pass this on genetically in my world, so sadly, I knew the only thing I had to do. I put miss Machiki into the warp, said my goodbyes and good wishes, then sent her off to a new owner that would take care of her, and perhaps the baby stuck inside of her. I always hate having to do this because I lose a norn from my world, but i'm also glad to be able to pass the norn on to a new owner, a new world and a new life. Hopefully she'll be happy and get to experience everything a norn should.
Machiki leaving meant it was time yet again for a new queen. I imported the next in line of Chiyoe's daughters, Fiken. Fiken is adorable with her horse norn head, predator norn body, apple norn legs and chichi arms. I'm very happy to have her a part of my world once again.

Fiken arrived in Nyrn a little bit reserved, but curious and happy. She took her time to meet all of the sorrounding norns, looking up at the giant Alds in wonder! I have to wonder myself if a norn see's floating norn parts not as disjointed, but rather just really long but my computer sprites aren't there? While I was snapping pictures at Fiken Ainat couldn't resist the opportunity to pose for the camera. It seems like whenever I'm snapping photos of someone he has to turn to the camera and smile!

Just before exporting Machiki I took a quick glance at her genetic file. There did indeed appear to be a mutation with her progesterone that causes it to not work right. I couldn't understand the specifics, but it was enough to tell me that she did indeed have a problem. 
Then I decided to open up the newest queens genetics, Fiken:
Fiken gains more injury from antigens 2, 3, 1 and 0.
While a normal norn gains injury from antigen 1, Fiken instead gains "unknown locus 3". I'm not quite sure what this means for her, or what unknown locus 3 is. It's also a little confusing as previously the editor stated she gains more injury from it. Does she or doesn't she gain injury?
She appears to be immune to antigens 6 and 4 because it said in stead of those two antigens, she experiences injury with something else in their places..could this be right?. 
When Fiken experiences hunger she flinches (involuntary flinching action is applied). I'm picturing this as being similar to having a tic when experiencing hunger? All in all nothing serious.
Fiken gains "unknown locus 2" when getting antigen 4. I wonder what all these unknown locus's are. So maybe she's not immune to it after all...
Fiken has a higher threshhold for tiredness. This means she can experience more of it without being affected.
Unfortunately, Fiken seems to experience pain when she becomes sleepy. Maybe this will encourge her to sleep more often.
Here is a strange one i'm not sure about.. According to the genetics she gains "I am dead" when experiencing the libido lowerer chemical. Does this means she thinks she's dead when she experiences the libido lowerer chemical?
The tiniest amount of boredom causes her to experience fear and adrenaline. Interesting!
According to the genetics fear = sex drive. So when she becomes fearful she becomes friendly.
Another interesting one I don't quite understand is that 1 hunger for carb backup = 0 hunger for carb. While in a normal norn 1 hunger for carb backup = a certain number of hunger for carbs. I'm not quite sure what "backups" do in chemicals so if someone would explain to me what this means that'd be great too!
I could be wrong about this, but it seems Fiken also seems to be immune to being crowded.. We'll see.
Also, when she experiences the fear toxin, unlike a normal norn who would become afraid Fiken becomes angry.

Once again if I need to be corrected on anything please do, it's how I learn. 

Current norn population: 7
P.S. New poll :P


  1. Poor Machiki! I had one Norn with a neverending pregnancy mutation, as well. Hopefully she headed off to a nice new home, and can live out her life in happiness.

    Fiken is another adorable Norn! I love seeing the different Norns in your world: Everyone is so unique from all of the different available breeds. I can't wait to progress through the generations with my C1 Norns to get some interesting mixed breeds!

    It's hard to say if your genetic assumptions are correct: Even when I thought I had some things figured out, the game surprised me! It looks like she has some interesting mutations, though. Sometimes it helps to write out the exact differences as expressed in Gene Compare: I'm getting a bit better at understanding the program!

    I'm liking the new cropped images! The previous ones were pretty nice, too.

  2. Thanks I'll keep that in mind next time! I just keep forgetting to record the gene compare codes so I can include them in the blog. Thank you for offering your opinion on the pictures! That helps me decide how to do them from now on.

  3. Gene compare? That sounds like you're talking about a program? Is this something different to the Genetics Kit?

  4. Yes. It's literally called gene-compare. I got it from the same C3 web site the genetics kit can be downloaded on. It compares two genetic files and lists the differences. Very much worth downloading!

  5. Gene Compare is pretty much the C3/DS version of the D-DNA Analyzer for use with C1 and C2. As Kittie said, it's definitely worth it! The Genetics Kit goes into detail about each gene, but doesn't have the ability to show where there are any mutations.

  6. I think you should have perhaps waited a bit before sending off Machiki. Norngirl's PregyCandy may have solved the stuck pregnancy.