Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alynu Takes Over

Meet Albecius, one of the C1 norns I hatched. He is a very cute purple mountain norn and the very first super explorative norn i've had in Nyrn (other than the founder who deciding the cave beside the waterfall was a good home.) Albecius immediately climbed the tall tree house in the forest all the way to the top, and found a teleporter. From there his wanderlust brought him to the little cave beneath the desert. He then took the lift up to the desert. He spent much time playing with the many sunflower seeds that spill accross the sand from the sole flower that grows in the shade of the dead tree. In fact, Albecius got harmlessly caught in a couple of dust devils with a toy or two, but he only played with the toys while inside of the twisters!

(I am having trouble with my formatting today. I'm very sorry my blog looks like something stepped on it. Please bear with me.) A little while later a death icon appeared at the top of my screen and I found Albecius had fallen in to the ocean. I hated myself for not watching him closer, and letting this happen. He was my favorite norn because of his wanderlust. I can only hope the rest of my new norns won't be as unfortunate.

 Meet Ainat the forest norn. Ainat enjoys some honey and shines a bright smile to the camera!

Ahaz and his son pick seeds amongst the flowers while the mist from the waterfall cools them. The weather actually hasn't been as warm lately, it even snowed for a brief time once.

Aldaril has found the lifts and occasionally I will rush over to stop him from playing in them. Whenever I reach him, however, he quickly stops once he know's i've arrived to correct him, because he doesn't want to get spanked! This time I caught him having fallen asleep. He was so cute I just couldn't disturb him with a spanking.

Alynu and Ahaz find romance without any help from myself! Beneath the treehouse they kisspopped passionately.

From this resulted a pregnancy! Yay! I'm so proud of Ahaz and Anlynu. Even after the kisspopp happened Anylu continued to follow Ahaz devotedly all the way back to the rest of the norns.

By the treehugger tree she decided to lay her egg. With the treehugger tree watching over her precious package Anylu fell asleep, tired from the egg laying. I waited excitedly to see just what tiny baby would pop out. Alynu is now a first time mother!

From this tiny speckled egg came the cutest golden haired norn you ever seen! Meet An-zaw! An-zaw is a male norn with chichi body, leg and arm sprites and his fathers golden puffy tail and head! I can't wait to see what behavioral characteristics An-zaw shows as he grows up. Hopefully he will have a good life!

An-zaw looked in awe at the giant treehouse that was now his home. He walked all the way from the treehugger tree where he was born all the way over to the waterfal, sampling the plants along the way and playing with the toys. Whenever I see a norn indulging in such things I'm always greatful, there are too many norns out there that starve or complain of boredom when they're sorrounded by things that could easily fix that.

Jeanette has finally reached the top of her age and passed away from old age. She was well over 5 hours old and passed peacefully. Alynu and Jeanette had been sleeping together when she passed and so she wasn't alone when it happened. Rest in peace!

Once again Alynu has become pregnant, though I didn't know who the father was until the baby would be born. I watched with fascination as Alynu did her best to get to the yard beneath the tree house to the very spot that would be perfect to lay her egg. She was very tired, though, and stopped every couple of steps to rest. This pregnancy is making her espcially tired. Ainat on the left grins happily at the camera as he often does, with a hand full of fruit. He is a very smiley norn, which is a refreshing thing to see!

Finally, Alynu finds the spot that is good enough, where the grass doesn't grow under the lift, and settles down for a good nap. Ainat notices and looks on with a little bit of worry at his fellow Nyrn tribe member.

Alynu took just a few more steps once she woke and layed the egg. Once again the chosen spot was just beneath the watchful gaze of a treehugger tree. The friendliness these trees exude is very comforting to norns and Alynu hoped her babies would hatch feeling very comforted. This baby will also be sorrounded by a wonderful food source, carrots.

Just as Alynu passes in the background, Anarenen hatches from his orange mottled shell! Right now you can only see that he has inherited his fathers head, but i'll show you another picture of him. Obviously his father happened to again be Ahaz!

Alynu grazes among the flowers in the refreshing spray of the waterfall while her two sons (nearly twins!) play in the grasses behind her. The yellow haired boy on the left is the newly hatched Anarenen, his older brother An-zaw is to the right. I even caught Anarenen chasing the rest butterfly that Alynu is now by! Anarenen has inherited only his fathers head. From his mother he has chichi legs, body and tail. From somewhere down the genetic line he has inherited zebra norn arms!

Little Aldaril, the pixie norn, plays with one of the many nuts laying around. He grinned at me while he held it in his tiny hands, before gobbling it up in a single crunch! I'm happy to see my new norns eating so well! I hope it continues!

Current norn population: 7

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