Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finally Another Birth

In the cool Nyrn forest our little tribe of norns is living peacefully. There are no predators and very few things to be of any danger to them so their lives are pretty calm. Unfortunately there have been no births either, female or otherwise to further the genetics of these norns. They seem too preoccupied with enjoying themselves in their lives, eating the abundance of fruits, seeds and playing with toys. Worry had just begun to set in when I began noticing many of the norns growing into old age without having sired any children. Still, I would like to weed out those norns that refuse to breed easily so I hold back interfering as much as I can. Meanwhile Java, our star norn here, seems to be a little bit confused. In her adult age she has decided that staring at fruit and seeds is the same thing as eating them. An occasional slap on her bottom doesn't help either, yet I don't want to pass such an issue on to little norns so I don't interfere any further then that.
Slapping sounds are beginning to become more numerous through the forest and my attention is repeatedly brought to naughty Corran. Corran has begun to bully other norns with slapping and thinks its a grand old time to do so! Poor Java here is the victim this time and makes a frightened face as Corran happily lays in to slapping her! I, of course, did my best to stop this, tugging his hand away and giving him a couple little spanks. I've yet to see if this tactic of slapping the slapping norn works though, or if it just encourages them.

A bit later I had been watching Corran a little closer to prevent him from going into one of his slapping episodes, but he and Java have seemed to have grown a love hate relationship with eachother. I watched with "awww" as Corran romanced Java on the swampy bridge where there was no one else around, and produced a pregnancy. Java was very swept off her feet by Corran and enjoyed his company. The romance ended when they split up and Java began her long trek to a more suitable place to lay an egg. Along the way her belly grew and grew, so big that as she walked (she's actually walking in this picture) her big belly dragged along the ground because her tiny little legs just wearn't long enough. But she looked very pleased to become a mother again.
Eventually she had to stop. She chose a nice, cool, earthy area among plenty of rich plants to lay the egg, but it was a big task! Immediately after finally laying, her face drooped in fatigue and she rested tiredly. I was so thrilled to finally see another egg and I just hoped it would be a boy to welcome into the world! My anticipation was so great that I watched the egg closely.

My camera remained on the egg for a long time as it grew and grew.. and then I was surprised to see Alfonso walk onto the screen! The Fons had journeyed all the way from the volcano door over to the treehouse in the forest area by himself, leaving Fabi by himself over there with his tomatos. The Fons passed by the egg once, but then returned to it and layed beside it, perhaps to keep it warm. It had hatched while he was laying against it and from the thin shell popped a little girl norn. I decided to name her Alfe, the first daughter of Java! Tiny, baby norn eyes peeped open for the very first time to see the new world she'd emerged into, her first view being of the green leafy plants sorrounding her. Fons left soon after and didn't seem that interested in her though.
Back near the swamp lifts where everybody is crowded Jago seemed to be having some issues. He stood in place looking very frightened and occasionally taking a step left or right, or just looking like he didn't know what to do. At first I thought it may be the storm clouds rumbling through, but after they left he remained as frightened. It took a long time, actually, to figure out he was feeling extremely crowded and expressed this out loud. I gripped his hand and tried to help by leading him away from everyone, but no matter where I lead him to another norn would soon follow. Poor jago, hang in there.
Eventually Jago found some rest and peace by himself in between the swamp and the treehouse. Deciding it would be safer to sleep standing up though, he refused to lay down to do so. Perhaps it was just in case another norn came near, he would be able to run away faster.

I have been looking for butterfly egg launchers for a while now, but every time I find one it autokills whenever I try to launch an egg. I've just given up on them, but grabbed a seed launcher from the tree house to set on the ground, since the flowers it produces have died out. It's in the middle of summer now and I think there should be more flowers on the ground! I set it down, knowing norns love to push things and would go to town on it, and they did! Corran especially loves it and immediately walked on over to it, Other norns, as you can see, also enjoy pushing the machine. I even watched as Java took a couple pushes at it with her tiny T-rex arms! Corran excitedly blanketed the forest floor with many tiny red seeds!
Wedge decided to take a vacation from all the rucus and slapping drama of the other norns. He didn't pack any fruit with him, but decided a trip accross the swamp bridge would be fun and he was also very curious what the Fons was doing on the other side. The fons has returned long before Wedge decided to travel. But when Wedge finally reached the other side he stopped in shock at how many norns were there! It was Fons, Fabi and the third norn that had decided to join them. All these norns seemed to be just too much for Wedge, he had tried to leave the crowdedness behind him! But he was just so curious! Wedge approached, retreated, caught his breath and turned around to approach again, retreated. And this continued, each time it seemed he could not let go of the curiosity causing him to want to know what they were doing, but not wanting to approach them. Eventually Wedge just gave up and headed back home.
Back home I found Agning in what he appeared to percieve as seed heaven! I couldn't help but laugh at the look on his face as he too had found the joy of pushing seed dispensers! Seeds covered the ground around his feet and bounced off him as they flew from the dispenser. Agning just looked on in joy!

Current norn population: 10 (not including baby girl)


  1. I finally caught up what has been going on in your world! Your experiences definitely make me want to expand into C3/DS down the line: So many possibilities!

    Java looks so adorable with her stubby arms and legs, although I imagine it would have been quite the task to waltz around with an egg! I'm glad to see that everyone is doing well: I also enjoy posting updates where there are no deaths.

    The pictures of Jago and Agning are priceless! One would think that a Norn would collapse from exhaustion/sleepiness before falling asleep. Apparently entertainment can come in many forms... Including seed dispensers!

  2. Thank you! It's an exciting time for these Nyrn because of these outlanders! If you noticed most of the norns came from the good people in the creatures community. It's a first for me for sure!