Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Aengoth has grown into an adult and unfortunately has not grown into his arms and legs. He still moves around quite efficiently without any trouble or anything which I am pleased with, but looks a little confusing. His arms and legs are reduced down to nubs, perhaps i'll just chock this one up to birth defects. Aengoth has been happily wandering around from the bridge to the garden and back, picking fruits and eating as he does. Occasionally he'll stop to hit a toy and the joy he finds in life is apparent in his bright, serene smile. 
Anging is also an unfortunate victim of "birth defect" because he has grown into youth I believe and still is very disjointed, even worse than Aengoth. Like Aengoth though, Anging wanders around quite happily. I don't think he nor any other norns even pay attention to his different looks. He's a member of the tribe and that's all that matters. Anging has more of a playful personality and likes to play with other norns more often.
Fabi has reached old age and his fins have come up with a whole new look. I quite like the new look, but was a little sad to see because I do like the old, plump looking fins better on him. This catfish didn't even notice when his age changed though, and it doesn't slow him down one bit! He seems very happy in spite of his new elder stage. This is the first time I've ever had or seen a mer norn of this type so this change is new to me and quite interesting! Fabi has been creating and tending his own tomato garden. So far it's pretty small, but he is determined that it's going to be a great garden on the right end of the bridge! I don't know why he prefers that area, perhaps it's warmer due to being so close to the volcano.
Shadow has also aged up and he looks quite handsome! Shadow mostly keeps to himself, not drawing much attention and lives up to his name a bit in doing so. Occasionally he will be the unfortunate victim of an elevator hijack but not so often, and he tends to retreat quickly. Shadow spends most of his time playing with the fun toys that lay around. He seems unsure about many things and I occasionally find him wandering around with a confused look on his face.
Shadow decided to do something he's never done before and take a long trip away from the main tribe of norns, across the bridge. For the long trip he took with him a single fruit he had picked before heading out. As I watched him he made it half way across the bridge then stopped for a rest while the waters of the swamp washed over his feet, making him a little bit wet. The humidity probably
isn't helping either. While he rested he turned to look at me with a happy smile, as if acknowledging my presence there. How cute!
Poor Wedge is another norn that has aged up into youth and not grown into his body (or is it head?). Again, he doesn't seem bothered by it. Wedge enjoys picking and eating the tomatos in the garden.
Fabi has a partner in his gardening dream with Corran. Corran and fabi happily tend their tomato garden together, occasionally picking a fruit from an adult plant, and then planting it (dropping it) so it will grow more. Fabi and Corran seem to have some type of bromance going on and rarely if ever leave eachother's side.
Shadow finally arrives from his long trip accross the bridge and happily helps himself to some refreshing tomatos without even asking Fabi and Corran... but they don't seem to mind and happily watch with smiles decorating their faces. They even seem to be proud to show off what they've accomplished so far with the tomatos! After a while Shadow even began to help plant his own.


  1. I've heard you mention the lift hijackings a couple of times. I'm pretty sure there is an agent that forces lifts to only accept one Creature at a time and leave the rest.

    I'm pretty sure you can get it here: http://creatures.virtualheaven.nl/

    It should be the lift agent under the "Minor fixes" download.

  2. Thank you so much arch! It'll enhance my creature playing experience for certain if I don't have to constantly keep an eye on the lifts at all times! *goes to download real fast*

  3. On a second look at the mod in question it says it is a fix for c3.. which I don't think I have installed. I certainly don't have it docked. I wonder if it will still work.

  4. If you think Fabi's fin change was interesting, wait till you see what a female mernorn looks like when she reaches old age, their fins change in a totally different manner compared to the male mernorns.