Friday, June 10, 2011

Yay! Lets celebrate the continuation of Nyrn!

Well as my hard drive has failed and my old one survives I must admit I feel very lucky to still have my cute little norns with me. My current hard drive which, as I have mentioned, is my old one is not in super healthy shape either.... that's why it was replaced in the first place. However, one is better than none, so I am grateful and pray it continues to work. I still have the same norns backed up on a seperate hard drive, so if I do experience a second hard drive crash do not worry, all the norns are safe!

Aengoth has grown a stage of his life with the exception of his little arms and legs. These make him look a little dwarfish but he doesn't seem to care that it takes a little longer to walk around than the other norns. As Aengoth strolled lazily through the cool grass he watched in the distance as other norns played by the tree house, while he gradually made his way to them, his smile showing that his anticipation in joining in their play!

Little corran, too, aged a stage and donned his bright colors and pretty spots! The grey of his head and body show off the bright purple of his arms and legs nicely, though he doesn't blend in very well with the plants. Corran watched by the tree house as his buddy explored the lift, though nobody has yet learned how to use it to get IN to the tree house. Corran and his friends enjoy the plants and toys on the ground and don't express any interest in the tree house at all in fact. All of that play does wear little Corran out and as his ears droop sleepily, he squats down to take a temporary rest.
Corrans long time partner and buddy, Alfonso, has begun to get into the habbit of slapping. I'm not sure why, but Alfonso now thinks it is a load of fun to slap any norn that is near by, not all the time though. He is often quite a friendly norn, and enjoys sharing his toys with others. Just occasionally he will take to slapping Corran especially since he always stays close by. Corran, knowing Alfonso really loves him deep down, accepts the slapping and occasionally will return one or two of his own. Perhaps it is simply boyish rough housing. There haven't been any hurt feelings yet.

In a semi-deserted area of the swamp little Easter and Shadow find a brief moment alone to create a swampy green colored egg. The egg matched the environment well, and was incubated by the cool humidity of the air. Though it had been concieved on the bridge, Easter walked to the lift to lay, where it would be cushoned by the damp grass. From this egg hatched a little boy named Agning. Agning hatched looking much like his mother, but with some body parts floating. Above the egg is a tear drop shaped white puff which is his tail, which does not connect to his body. It's actually quite silly to see it floating around behind him when he crawls! Welcome to the world Agning!
I watched the norns peacefully go about their lives for quite some time when I was alerted to a death, and brought to the body of Easter. It is unknown exactly what killed her. Since she is so small I was unable to get the hoverdoc over her to find out. I have a suspicion that it was something bad she must have eaten though. She had such good habits and relationships with everyone else, it's the only thing I can think of! Rest in peace Easter dear. As long as we're mentioning illnesses, I believe Java has gotten into some deathcap a couple more times. I caught her very ill again, but she recovered and is still wandering the world with just as much enthusiasm.  however, upon having a checkup I noticed her Liver A organ has completely died off. As I said before, not quite sure what this organ is supposed to do.. but apparently she doesn't need it to live!
Fabi, the fabulous mer norn, has been spending a lot of time accross the bridge by himself, by the volcano door. Knowing there is no food over there for little norns, I took hold of his hand and lead him accross the bridge to the rest of the norns. He grabbed some fruit and attatched himself to the nearest norn. He seemed to favor Jago! Jago lead Fabi accross the bridge a little bit, not all the way, where Fabi took great joy in sticking extremely close to his side step by step! When Jago wasn't moving, Fabit was staring at him with a bright, happy grin, or at me with the same!
Fabi didn't eat the fruit (though he had eaten some earlier, no he's not starving :) ) but kept it with him at all times. I'm not quite sure why, it's puzzling. Jago had taken some fruit with himself as well, a little tomato, but eventually did end up eating it not long after this picture was snapped. Fabi's fruit was kept with him until eventually it would rot and disappear, but he enjoyed having it while it lasted!

Current norn population: 10

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  1. What happened to Corran's arms and legs? He had clivitnorn ones in the screenshots before.