Monday, July 18, 2011

A New Queen

While the world has mostly been peaceful with the occasional slapping fest that I must stop the adult norns are getting up there in age. Their turn to pass into the afterlife and make room for the next generation is upon us and one of the first to go from old age is Shadow. He has left us with many new daughters and I'm greatful to him for helping to further the genetic line. Shadow has been a very cute, cunning and sneaky norn but also loving and fun. He has played boyfriend/husband to Juana, friend to many others and also father.
Unfortunately soon after Shadow left another death icon lit up my screen (Ok i'm being a little dramatic here, they don't actually light up the whole screen!) and I thought another elder had died, only to find it was Juana herself. Disturbed by the death of such a young queen I hastily checked her over inside and out for any signs of what might have happened. She has no injuries, illnesses or bacterias. I found the culprit to be starvation, again. There is food all around these norns even in the cold winter of Nyrn, so again i'm greatful this defect of not eating isn't being passed on any further, but still sad to lose a norn i've grown close to. She was so cute too!
This called for the next queen! Meet Jeanette, sister of Juana, Java, Jasmine and Jeshi and the last in Irmburg's line of daughters. Jeanette, as you can see, was born in the warm, sunny world of C1 Albia. the sudden change in invironment is not a very big change for her, other than the temperature, because she is still sorrounded by lush vegitation, animals and food.. she adapted well! I tried to get a better snapshot of her in Nyrn but the vegitation nearly swamped her because of her tiny size so I resorted to this old picture. She happens to have a bunny norn head, legs and body with chichi tail and zebra norn arms. She is absolutely adorable!
Jeanette's reception was met with open arms and everybody instantly loved her! In fact, right after I set her carefully in the tall grasses a likefest ensued. Jeanette crouched down to rest beside Fabi while she looked eyed the honey pot carried by Corran.

I have to watch Fabi closely most times because he tends to be the victim of bullying, mostly by Agning or Corran. I don't think they intentionally mean to hurt Fabi's feelings but it certaintly isn't nice and Fabi does get his feelings hurt, yet he continues to insist on hanging around them. If I pull Fabi away he returns with "Approach norn". Luckily I was happy to find Fabi had found the courage to wander off by himself in to the yard of the great tree house. For once he was not plagued by bullying and showed how happy he was to be away from it by wearing a bright, feline smile while picking and eating fruits!
Fabi's age worries me a little because he hasn't fathered any males to continue his genetics and I really would love to have more finned norns slithering around. I became a little desperate and so decided to cheat with the fertility harp. I carefully took both norns by the hand and lead them to each other, then played the harp.. a kisspop soon followed much to my joy! Then I realized just as I had played the harp another norn had wandered over to both Fabi and Jeanette..and was there when the kisspop was heard. This norn happened to be Agning, the very disjointed norn. So to my disappointment I had no clue who the father was. I had to wait patiently for Jeanettes little belly to grow. She decided, much like her sister had always before her, the perfect place to lay her egg would be the yard beneath the large tree house. 
Despite her tiny size she popped out a purple speckled egg easily and with less stress than her sister, and was up and walking away from it immediately with a happy smile as the task was accomplished. I watched the egg, again with baited breath but this time for a different reason, grow and grow. Fabi happened to wander over once and lay by the egg as if he thought it was his own,  to keep it warm.. and I hoped that it indeed would turn out to be his child.. and a boy!

Unfortunately the egg turned out to be a girl! Another girl! It's driving me mad! It also turned out to be the daughter of Agning. I certaintly hope she doesn't inherit his slapping habbits...Though it will be interesting to see what she looks like when she grows up, will she be just as disjointed? Will her mothers tiny bodyparts affect her's?

Back inbetween the tree house and the swamp Fabi began to continually complain about being homesick. I felt sorry for him, and because he's undeniably cute and child-like, and getting up in years.. I decided to oblige him and set out some treehugger tree's in the forest. I decided it would match fine since it is supposed to be a forest after all. As you can see not only did it cure his problem, but Fabi discovered toys again! Perhaps this is an end to all of his boredom faces! As I happily admired how Fabi had discovered toys he turned to me and held up the hardiman instrument proudly as if to show me!

I have decided to look at the genetics of every queen I bring in to my world. I will occasionally look at the genetics of a male if he proves to be interesting and makes me curious.
Jeanette didn't have very many differences from a normal norn. She had very small ones and certaintly not as many as her sister had.
Jeanette: recieves less injury by a small amount from the antigens and glycotoxin. Hearing others speak reduces her crowdedness, while in normal norns it actually increases their crowdedness. Also, I found this:
172 Different in file 1  51   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 8, 1*Urea + 1*Pistle => 10*<NONE> + 1*<NONE>; half-life = 48
 172 Different in file 2  51   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 8, 1*Urea + 1*Pistle => 10*Lactate + 1*<NONE>; half-life = 48
The second, blue one is Jeanettes, the first a normal chichi genome. I'm not quite sure what lactate is or what this difference means for Jeanette but I found it interesting, having to do with urin. If anyone can translate it to english for me please feel free!


  1. Oh.... in your previous post, you mentioned wondering if there was something wrong with your world because it was producing so many females. I think I know why, but I forgot to mention it in my last comment on that post. The gender of the norns is strongly influenced by what season it is in the game. In spring there is a greater chance of females, & in the autumn there is a greater chance of males. Amaikokonut made a fix for this, here's the link to it -
    I hope it helps & I hope Fabi produces some sons for you soon!

  2. It's sad to see that both Shadow and Juana have passed on. It was kind of fitting that they would die within a few minutes of each other: They seemed quite fond of one another! Jeanette is an amazing Norn, though, and she seems to have stepped into her new role quite nicely. I like to step in every now and then, too, in order to bring two Norns together! Poor Fabi: I hope he'll have his chance one day without someone jumping in! He certainly looks much happier after discovering toys again. Maybe that will be his inspiration to get out there and become a father again!

    Interesting about the genetics of Jeanette. I actually have had Lactate enter into a couple of chemical reactions. From the Creatures Wiki:

    Produced when a creature is suffocating, hungry for carbohytate or drowning. Causes choking sensation and slight injury to muscles. Though this sounds bad, production of lactate is not a bad thing: it's the body's way of telling the creature that they should do something about their inability to breathe, for instance, to get out of the water!

    Normally urea and pistle combine to produce nothing, but in the case of Jeanette, it looks like she will be producing a bit of lactate during this chemical reaction. This could be a bit of an issue over time, since lactate causes a bit of damage. There isn't much she can do to change her behavior, though, aside from producing as little urea as possible. It doesn't seem too debilitating, though, since the coefficient is only 10. Keep away from the water, Jeanette!

  3. Thank you so much Mea! You're a great help!

  4. Glad to be of help Kittie. :D

  5. Thank you for answering that, So does it mean when she pee's (or produces urea) she will have a slight choking/suffocating sensation? Oh my.. that doesn't sound pleasant at all! :o and a little embarrasing..

    I never thought about Shadow and Juana dieing so close to eachother, wow! maybe Juana died of a broken heart..

  6. I think your explanation is about right: Definitely doesn't sound too pleasant, though! Hopefully it will be more of a random embarassing moment, rather than a constant unpleasant sensation. I'm not sure how often the chemical reaction takes place, though.

    Although there is no genetic or biochemical explanation for a creature to die of a broken heart, I think it's still possible... Even if it means adding a little more imagination and fiction. Rest in peace, Shadow and Juana.