Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Self Imposed Famine Sweeps Nyrn

Nyrn appears to be a sweet, quiet little village of norns with each norn happily frolicking among the abundance of fruit and food. There are even honey bees warmly buzzing about the heads of these norns, happily providing for them any honey they could ever want. But one thing that isn't suspected is the norns aren't eating very much of anything, and indeed this shee was taken by complete and utter surprise.
The day started with Adairan happily kisspopping Java as if he was confessing his love while Java didn't appear too thrilled, she was having a bad day. I was very excited to hear the kisses because it tells me the norns are indeed firtile and interested in continuing their genetic line, interested in having children of their own! Java, however, appeared to look more and more unwell. Everything was provided for her though, and I have even been paying special attention to her so I didn't know what the problem could be.
Not long after the kisspopping and with Adairan still by her side she layed down in the flowers and lush grass for the last time. She had not yet even reached the age of elders so I was shocked. I quickly grabbed the hoverdoc to see what might have happened. She was clean of illness and bacteria, had no toxins in her. I was saddened, though, to see she seemed to have starved to death. Java had just stopped eating even though her hunger drives were through the roof. I was very, very sad about this, but glad this "problem" of not eating will not be passed down through a genetic line any more.
Only a minute or two after Java's death Aengoth had met the same fate. I inspected him the same way to find out he too starved to death. I believe Aengoth is related to Java and so this trait could be genetically inherited. Their bodies will disappear into a glittery puff of smoke but the norns will not be forgotten.

When no more deaths immediately popped up I let out a sigh of relief but immediately thought of Fabi. He never eats anymore either, and the other two had died from that. I went to dump a fistfull of food at his fins (as seen here in the gradually disappearing yellow color on the floor. Those were lemons) with the hopse he would eat. These things I try not to do and only use as a last resort, more to test the norn than actually feed them. I don't want them to become dependant on me for food, but learn to feed themselves. I had tried this a few times with Fabi in the past, he never eats any of the food I offer, even if I try and teach him to eat it with words, hand motions and if nothing else works, spankings. Fabi, even if he may be starving, seems perfectly happy and never misses an opportunity to display a bright, feline smile!
Once again Wedge had come to visit Fabi and help him with his tomato garden. I can't help but wonder why they garden tomatos if they don't eat them. With Corran gone Fabi and Wedge have become best friends.

One more death occured before I left the game for the night. Adairan curled up beside a tomato stalk and passed away. This one, thankfully, was due to old age and not starvation. Adairans little white head just peeked over the tomato plant and I believe his passing was very peaceful.

Java's death opened the door for a new queen to arrive in Nyrn. Java's sister Juana! Juana is the fourth sister in a family of 5. Of Jeshi, Jasmine and Java, Juana is next. Juana clearly shows a mixtured of chichi, easter bunny and zebra norn sprites and is cute as a button! She also shares Java's enormous belly.

Tonight I'd like to close on a happier note than I started on. Life goes on and will continue to do so no matter how many norns die, more will always arrive in Nyrn. At the small tomato garden Fabi has not only Wedge but another visitor. I forget who exactly this little grey headed norn is behind Wedge, I can't see his body clear enough to see the markings, but they seem to have formed a little brotherhood of sorts. The brotherhood of the tomato? 

Current population: 8


  1. Deaths are never much fun in Creatures, but I always enjoy how you describe them and give each Norn a final paragraph. Very fitting tributes for some of the past residents! Juana is quite adorable: I look forward to watching her grow up!

    I also had a good laugh over the brotherhood of the tomato! I guess that is exactly what is going on with the gardening. Great update!

  2. Thank you for commenting. I always love to read comments and rarely does anyone comment anymore on my posts. But I can still understand that. I don't comment on every post anyone else makes either. :P

    I do try to say one final thing for each norn that dies. Sometimes it's hard to think of something to say though. And I know the norns aren't really "gardening", they're probly confused and don't know what to do with the tomatos since they're not eating them.. But it sure looks like they're gardening! They pick a tomato, hold it for a while then drop it.

  3. I enjoy receiving comments, too! I usually comment on most posts I read, unless I'm in a rush or have nothing more to say than "Interesting!"

    I still like to imagine that creatures do things that aren't necessarily possible, such as gardening. The real logic is probably along the lines of a few chemical reactions and responses... But where's the fun in that?! Ha! Creatures were meant to be brought to life by a little imagination. Hopefully the tomato garden continues to progress well!