Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Visitors

I was in the forest by the treehouse with my norns when to my complete and utter surprise a norn warped into my warp room! This thing rarely ever happens and hasn't happened in so long that at first I didn't know what was going on! I switched over to the warp room to find a little fallow norn with a disconnected head. Meet Lionel. I'm not sure why it's doing that, maybe some of my sprites are messed up. The world in which this norn came from was apparently full of nothing but fallows judging from it's name. I quite enjoy fallow norns and think they're adorable. I accepted him into my world and set him on the floor to run the standard IQ test. As always a new norns goal is to make it from the bottom of the warp room all the way to the meso without getting side tracked by the many distractions. He was soon followed by a girl from the same world whom I rejected.
I was just about to get ready to leave him to it and head back to the C2 forest because IQ tests usually take a few minutes to do (or die from), but just as I was leaving I realized he was wasting no time! Immediately he pushed the lift button, rode it to the top level of the warp room, and walked to the door with an obvious 1 thing on his mind. His mind reader agent said "approach seed". Now, there isn't any food in the warp room. The only room that has the food is the meso which is why that is the goal to make it to. Little did I know that the locked communications room had seeds all over the floor that I had accidentally spilled one time when fetching agents! I always keep this room locked, it's my room only and not meant for norns. The door serves as a good distraction test though. Lionel stopped at the door and continually pushed it. Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed! No other norn I currently have or have had in some time has ever been smart enough to know exactly what he wants, exactly how to get it, and exactly where to go to get it before! So, as a reward (and to clean up my room for me, muahahah! I'm lazy!) I let him in to the communications room. He immediately hoovered up the seeds and then took a nap.
Not long after Lionel had arrived and before he had reached the communications room a third norn from his previous world arrived in elder age. This norn was named Aijirou and soon died. He didn't have the same drive as Lionel, and I suspect he died from old age. 

When I went to check on Lionel he had already made it to the meso... not only that but he was in front of the empathic vendor pushing the seed button, and then snatching up and eating the seeds it produced! :O :O OMG! How smart!(I watched he was actually pushing the button) I have to keep this norn! I carefully picked him up and plopped him in his new forever home. Welcome home Lionel! His joy at suddenly being sorrounded by every food he could ever want showed in his joyful expression. He wastes no time in eating whatever he wants and playing with the toys. You're now living in a garden of eden Lionel.
Lionel has done two epic things so far. Pass the IQ test AND THEN SOME, and show that he knows how to use machines and what they're for. Lionel did a third epic thing that will go into the shee history books. He was the very first ever norn in Nyrn to use the treehouse lift! He rode it to the top, rested a while, and then rode it back down. He repeated this but accidentally hijacked the little girl norn along the way so I had to stop him soon after. Who would have thought the very first norn to discover this treehouse would be a foreigner and not a native Nyrnian.
Things began to go downhill from there in the world though. Always eager to keep a watchful eye on ALL my norns I visited the brotherhood of the tomato next to find out Corran has begun to abuse Fabi. Corran was hitting Fabi and when asked why I discovered it is how he alleviates his boredom. I kept trying to suggest he play with or hit the toy dog instead, but he refused to awknoledge it. Whenever Fabi expressed he was bored corran would suggest "Maybe hit norn". (*facepalm*) I give Corran's behind a little slap every time he suggests that. Poor fabi has been stuck in a seemingly never ending scared or hurt expression because of all the slapping.
Once more I attempted to feed Fabi by dropping a handful of food, fruits and seeds by his feet. He simply stared at them, or ignored them. I suggested he "eat food" and suddenly Fabi began walking and eating all of the food off the ground! I was suddenly in awe as if he'd just performed a double back flip out of no where! Fabi not only ate all of the carrots, but began eating all of the seeds and fruit as well. Good boy Fabi!! I breathed a sigh of relief knowing Fabi wasn't going to die of starvation after all. I did notice one thing, with all of the slapping going on I guess Fabi hasn't had the time to care for his tomatoes because they all died out. There is no more tomato garden and thus was the degeneration of "the brotherhood of the tomato". But you never know, there could always be something else in the future.
But someone else did. Unfortunately apparently the game did not catch the last moments of Alfonso like it usually does so I had to use an old picture of him, but Alfonso has passed away. He spent most of his days gardening the tomatoes with Fabi or picking fresh fruits from the forest garden and even had a tender moment with an incubated egg. Rest in peace Fons.
A fourth visitor arrived from the land of fallows. Meet little Nikorasu. Boy these names sound familiar, it's obvious he was autonamed. Nikorasu doesn't seem nearly as intelligent as Lionel and isn't that intent on leaving the meso, but he sure is cute. Good luck to you little guy.

By the swamp bridge Jago struck a pose with a bright smile for the first time in ages. I'm not quite sure what changed in his life, but his life certaintly is looking brighter to him. For the longest time his only expression had been that of fear but he suddenly seems happy again. I'm glad to see it.

Shadow left Jago's side and traveled west into the forest. I had my attention on the little girl that is smaller than the rest of the norns and happily helping herself to the honey from the hive. She had a little yellow honey pot in her hands and a bright smile on her face, obivously enjoying the sweet taste.. when I watched Jago making his way over to have some honey too I thought "what a sweet moment this will be, adult norn and baby norn both enjoying the honey together". But when Shadow arrived he took the honey right from the little girls hands and began eating it himself. How rude! There wasn't much I could do about it though, and besides if the little girl wanted honey that bad she could just get another pot from the hive. Still that wasn't a very nice thing Shadow. Are you practicing your ninja thieving skills?

Current population: 9


  1. This is an awesome update! Thanks so much for taking the time to share everything: I know how much effort can go into taking pictures and writing related posts. This one kept me smiling and laughing to the very end! Aside from the death, of course: Rest in peace, Fons.

    Lionel seems to be an extremely intelligent Norn, and I hope he passes along his traits! Maybe he will even share some of his knowledge with those around him: Definitely a valuable addition to the world! His floating head is rather funny, but it gives him an added character trait.

    Shadow was definitely the ninja! I had a good laugh reading about his rather rude behavior. I could just imagine him sneaking through the grass and delivering a roundhouse kick to snatch the honey jar! He must have been quite a hungry Norn!

  2. I am always a little sad when a norn passes from reasons that could have been avoided. It is especially solemn though since these norns were given by the good people in the creature community. There is actually a thread at creature topia where you can read who donated what norn. They're very special norns. I just regret that they aren't breeding more.
    Thanks for reading n.n