Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Change, A New Tribe

As you may have noticed, i've begun adding more "cropped" screenshots to my blog. I did this because they're the only ones I have for my Oblivion blog and have been using them there. Originally, for my creatures blog, I've been too lazy to use them, but since i'm using them for my Oblivion blog I thought I might as well get in the habit of using them here too. It makes no sense to be lazy for one blog only. I know some of them, like this particular one here, are pretty large. I hope it doesn't look too awful. I hope it increases the enjoyment gained from reading the posts. Please let me know. :) 
In the above photo is Ahaz, once again having found the lifts. I have to watch so he doesn't play in them for hours, which he wants to do.. but this time he snuck away from me when my attention was elsewhere. He likes to grin at me between the bamboo of the lift while going up and down so fast that I can't catch him! Eventually I get frustrated and pluck him out to give him a spank before sending him on his way.
Jeanette has discovered the Australian instrument (I keep forgetting what it's called.) a while ago and has taken a specific joy to it! She loves to stand beside her beloved honey nest and play it. This time Ahaz has come to watch her play!
On another note, I found there are no more bees in my world. When clicking on a bee nest the bee's are instantly autokilled upon emerging. Most seed launchers have been autokilled upon being pushed or clicked on, too. Something has gone wrong in my world! It is a big hassle to make a whole new world, so as long as it doesn't prevent my game from being playable we'll have to cope.
Now, i'm not against my norns using lifts, in fact i'm happy when I see them do so because they're exploring! I always celebrate norns that love to explore. I have to watch Ahaz carefully though, to make sure he is in fact exploring, and not just playing with the lift. I watched him carefully as he approached and entered this lift by the swamp. He took with him a fruit for the ride up. He didn't play with the lift, but only rode it once up, then down. Good Ahaz. I think he is getting smarter as he ages.

A while later I returned to this spot to see an unusual and slightly confusing sight. Some flowers have sprouted up in the scaffoldings. I didn't know they could grow up there! There's no dirt!

Tired of all of the nornish speak and the norns being unable to understand what I tell them I plopped before them a robot I downloaded and injected. Some of you might be familiar with it. The robot teaches the norns language when pushed, and soon all of the norns were speaking proper english (well, proper for a norn.) I learned just how smart the norns were, making correct suggestions for eachother. Sleeping is the proper suggestion for tiredness! For some reason Jeanette thinks sleeping by some food is better sleep.
No, this isn't Ahaz. Ahaz and Jeanette had a child together (I know, wouldn't have been my first choice..but what'ya gonna do? I certaintly am not going to kill their son.) Meet little Alds. Alds inherited his fathers disjointedness and the only other thing he inherited from his fater was the tail. Alds stuck close to his mother soon after hatching. He isn't the prettiest norn in the bunch, and probly will never be. Ahaz is now an adult and has never grown in to his bodyparts. Ohwell.
Other than Ahaz, the only other adult male norn running around Nyrn was Nikorasu. With Nikorasu's passing from old age came the realization that now, the only way for the genetic line to be continued would be for Jeanette to reproduce many times with her son Ahaz. While I love Ahaz's genetics, somehow the thought of mother and son reproducing is a little unsavory. (I know i'm not alone on that one.) Through reading the delightful Discover Albia blog I began to miss all of the cute C1 norns and have been yearning to put some back in to my world. So, my solution to my predicament was to hatch 4 more baby norns, three c1 and one CFE norn just to even the genetics out. In order here are: Ainat, Albecius, Aldaril and Alynu. Sorry some of the pictures don't show them well, they seemed to be a little camera shy! The ones with neko ettin parts aren't them.

 In the first picture, Ainat was very slow to hatch and the camera snapped before he was out. With the second picture, he seems to be hidden completely behind Ahaz (now blue headed? I don't remember that. XD ). Third picture, Aldaril is peeking timidly from behind the toys! Alynu is just peeking over the edge of a broken egg shell! I promise there will be better pictures of them in the future! Alynu is the CFE norn and the only girl of the newborns. I hatched a second girl because I thought by the time these are of breeding age Jeanette may not be alive any more, she is aging quickly.

 I could have sworn I took tons more pictures of them in game, actually.. but I can't seem to find them on my hard drive anywhere. It's sad, too, because one of those new baby C1 norns had discovered the joy of the top of the norn tree house, being the very first norn to do so! He did it very smartly too, without bumping in to anything and causing himself harm. Others have been extremely adorable as well! One norn became addicted to the triangle instrument (the one that goes "ping!" when touched) and will do nothing (not even eat) when it is around, except for play with it! I had to put it up. I wanted so much to have pictures of these precious moments.
Again, i'm sorry I lost the pictures. I hope that won't happen again!

Current norn population: 8

Did you ever wonder where the names come from? Nope, they're not from the autonamer! :P


  1. You might want to be careful mixing CFE and non-CFE breeds together. Having different brain lobes can cause issues in the children. Actually I'd be interested to see just what kinds of mutations this brings out.

  2. Hehehe... I've been mixing them ever since Albia. They've gone 11 generations now as mixed. Your warning is a little late. :P Actually, i've not yet seen any huge mutations other than one genetic one that seems to be in half of my norns. Their muscle organ always drops to 0 soon after birth leaving them with a permanent limp, but it doesn't slow them down or hinder them in any way. In fact this is the case with Jeanette and Alds.

  3. Thanks for the kind words about Discover Albia! It's about time I did another mention of the other blogs in the community, and you can be sure that Confessions of a Shee will be one of them!

    Ahaz looks adorable in the lift, even though I imagine it drives you insane! Some of my C1 Norns do the same thing, and I desperately have to distract them in time to send the lift away.

    I can't wait to see some more pictures of the new Norns! I've lost a couple of rounds of images over the years, which hasn't been much fun at all. Aldaril looks adorable from behind his little shell!