Thursday, July 14, 2011

Girl Crazy Shadow

Juana makes her way through the thick vegitation, past the shiny fruits and the bee's nest to the one place she prefers to lay eggs. Shadow has been at it again and has caught Juana all to himself for the brief moment it took to produce a pregnancy again! Each time is easier for Juana and she already knows what to do, immediately beginning the trek to the yard under the tree house even before her belly starts growing.
There she settles down, and like a pro, lays the single egg, this one being a brilliant blue. Then she takes a much needed rest after such exertion. While I'm very happy to see the continuation of the genetic line I am a little disappointed that shadow seems to be the only male taking the initiative. Shadow seems to be the only male interested in mating.

While I eagerly watched the egg grow I remembered the last two that Juana had layed. They hatched into female norns, both of them. In fact, the previous worrysome problem of all the males dying out was caused by this type of situation. Only females seem to be hatching and I can't help but wonder if there is something wrong with my game.. some sort of glitch influencing the gender of the norns? If this keeps up it's going to be no good. So I wait with baited breath as I watch the shiny blue shell grow larger and larger, hoping that inside there will be a male to continue the population of Nyrn.
I left the egg to grow while going to visit the rest of the norns, and make sure nobody was misbehaving. Agning has been getting very slappy lately and i've practically had to babysit him. At the bridge one of shadow and Juana's daughters pictured on the right was being cute as heck playing with the little green toy she holds in her right hand. This picture doesn't do her cuteness justice because she turned toward the camera just as I snapped it. To the left of her Corran tries a half hearted attempt to court Juana, but nothing comes of this.
I got an alert in one of my window panels of a glycotoxin illness and found Fabi had somehow contracted it. I can't remember exactly how you get that, but it could be the deathcap mushrooms maybe? I hope not! I monitored Fabi for a little while to make sure he would be okay. His liver A organ has died and most of his major organs are weak, down in the 40's but he has not died. The toxin eventually worked it's way out and Fabi lives on. I just hope he learned from his experience and will not repeat it. Fabi has been enjoying eating many fruits since he continued eating, but I still can not get him to eat anything other than fruit.
Shadow has found Juana once again and began courting her for the millionth time. While I am annoyed that it isn't a different male norn, I am happy for shadow for playing father so well. Since he seems to be Juana's only suitor maybe he should also be considered her official husband. 

A death icon at the top of my screen caught my attention and I was braught to Wedge. I checked him over and found no indicator of what might have caused his death. He was not starving to death, was not old and did not have a bacteria or other toxin. The little beetles crawling around the world provide good protine and according to other norns, also provide starch and fat but are not toxic. Rest in peace Wedge. I'll miss getting to say your funny name.

Now let's look at some more norn genetics!
I inspected the jenetics of Jago closely because I have been observing some odd behavior and became curious if I would be able to locate why it was happening in his genetics file. The behavior is that he always seems to have a scared or surprised expression constantly, rarely ever smiling. He is also always trying to retreat other norns and only seems happy when he is alone.

I wrote down the major differences that I found and I am very surprised because he has so many more differences than the other norns! Jago is a very different norn!

When Jago feels cold he feels even colder than the other norns. It is winter in my world now and the temperatures around the waterfall treehouses and swamp have stayed steadily in the teens, Jago must feel colder than the others in these temperatures. He also feels the sensation of cold faster, getting cold faster. I have also seen that apparently feeling cold injures organ 19 in him, though i'm not quite sure yet what organ this is and it's not by much.
Likewise, when Jago feels hot he feels hotness less than the other norns. I attribute this to his magma norn genes though.
When Jago gets tired as all norns do, he feels it more than others.
When Jago feels the emotion of fear he feels it less intensely than other norns by -5 points.
When Jago feels the emotion of anger he feels it a little more intensely than other norns and has a quicker temper.
When the norns get tired, Jago will be the first to do so because he gets tired faster.
Now I did notice a couple of differences with reaction to Antigen 4 and 6. Unlike what it does in a normal norn, in Jago Antigen 4 and 6 causes coldness.

Here's where it gets more interesting:

Disappointment in a normal norn causes boredom and punishment. In Jago being patted by the hand causes the same feelings as disappointment in stead of disappointment. Being patted by the hand also causes 4 hotness, which is perfect for a magma norn.
Eating reduces anger by -3.
When drinking alcohol Jago actually gets twice the amount of alcohol from a drink than a normal norn.

Now remember when I said it was his expression that made me curious? At the very end, I found the cause for this. In expressions a normal norn would have a bored expression when bored, but jago is actually wired to express the surprised expression when bored. So this means most of the time he is bored.
NOTE: please please correct me if i'm misinterpreting any of this or wrong. I really wish to learn how to read genetics better and corrections would help further this!


  1. Interesting what you found in Jago's genetics! He's from a pretty long feral run where I was breeding exclusively for colour, and only weeding out immortals/stuck on a lifestage norns and limping norns and such. I think several of his special genetics, specifically those related to hotness and coldness, are just standard Magma genetics. Magma norns seem to be cold all the time. But many of the others are probably mutations that have accumulated over the generations. I'd forgotten about the bored -> scared expression! I knew about that one, but it's been a long time since I played with this group. Thanks for making me reminisce.

  2. Yeah I figured the cold and hotness ones were probably due to his magma genetics but I've never looked at the genetics of a magma norn so I didn't know for sure, figured they were worth a mention here just in case. You're quite welcome, it was interesting for me to discover!

  3. I like this font, BTW. :)

  4. Thank you. Supposed to simulate medieval/old text on parchment.

  5. Don't give up hope on Fabi fathering more little baby norns. One of his female relatives didn't start laying eggs until she was ancient but once she was reminded of what she was suppose to do, she flooded that world with eggs & outlived many of her descendents, continuing to lay eggs right up to the end. I wonder if poking Fabi will remind him of what he is suppose to do...

  6. Ackt.... almost forgot to ask, what agent or program do you use to monitor their organs?

  7. Mea - I use the xray agent which can been seen in the big picture in the post "Another New Tribe Member" just recently. It is at the top of my screen. You can find it here:

    Thank you for the reply, I will keep that in mind about Fabi. While he has already passed his genetics on and has a daughter or two I would really like him to also have some sons that are active in the world. We'll see what happens!