Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another New Tribe Member

As time passes norns grow older but also grow closer. Fabi has stopped following Corran, perhaps because of all the slapping and abuse, and has decided his new best friend is Jago. Jago happens to be happier with this because before Fabi came along Jago was alone all the time, and with his constant frowny face he looked very lonely. I am happy to see him smiling much more often. Here Jago and Fabi pick fruits together. It is interesting to think back on Fabi's long, full life and consider that he got along much better with the males than any female. He preferrred to hang out with other males.

Near the big treehouse a small fallow norn head peeks up from the dense vegitation. Meet Nyrn's newest inhabitant, Nikorasu! Nikorasu is related to Lionel and came from the same world, and has also passed the IQ test, though not with so many flying colors. He still does well in taking care of himself. When I set Nikorasu down in the dense vegitation under the big treehouse his expression lit up with wonder at the world before him and he was very happy. I wonder, is it very different than the one he left?

Nikorasu was recieved with open arms by the whole community. I was very pleased to see norns periodically saying they liked Nikorasu when ever he'd pass by them. He soon found his way to the main gathering place where everyone liked to be and was, and he fit right in. Then not long after he discovered the lifts, something annoying happened, a like fest! Over and over again "~insert norn name here~ like Nikorasu" was repeated. OOOoohh make it stop! Nikorasu seems just delighted with the extra attention though and felt very popular.
Nikorasu found the lifts and immediately lifted him self and a few other norns with him to the bridges up above the swamp. He didn't stay there long, however, because there was no food or vegitation. Nikorasu enjoyed looking over the vast swamp and the norns below but decided being down with them was the best idea.

Down below another romance is brewing. Shadow and Juana have again found each other. These two norns especially, like each other very much and when ever one strays too far from the other they seek each other out again. I think norn love is in the air! In the shadow of the bridges above and over the glistening green waters of the swamp below Shadow and Juana kiss.

And of course a pregnancy is the result! Juana was not new to the experience of having an overly large belly to drag along the ground this time! She happily waddled to the specially picked place for the future egg to be! This time she went there with confidence written all over her face, she's simply glowing!

And once reached the thick vegitation and grass of the big tree house yard Juana laid down and layed the egg, the future generation of the Nyrn norn tribe. This egg was a firey red and yellow color, or you could think of it as mustard and katchup, though I doubt it would taste as good. There are times when I wish there was a reason to the colorings of the egg, something you could tell from the colors.. like because maybe due to influence of the invironment? Or weather? Or maybe stimuli like crowdedness? Sadly, the egg colors are chosen at random by the game I'm told.. I wonder if there could be a mod to change that.

I have begun to look at my norns genes with a tool that allows me to compare them to a "normal" norns genes. I'm quite interested in this, but i'm not yet an expert at it so I can't understand everything I see yet. Maybe in the future I can become better at this. Most of my norns are pretty normal with no extremely odd behavior or instinct differences. I found most of my norns, not counting the fabulous five, have a small but interesting adaptation. If I read it right my norns are more suseptable to antigens. Not every norn, but most of the norns that I looked at: their "gain"'s are higher than a normal chichi genome by anywhere from 3 to 10 points meaning they recieve more injury from antigens. I have not seen many of my norns getting sick though, perhaps it's because I try to keep a clean world.

More specifically, looking at Juana: she also didn't have that many differences and the ones she does have aren't super extreme. I noticed that, like the other norns, antigens seem to be more painful to her. Hearing creatures speak actually decreases crowdedness, just ever so slightly, only -2 points. "I have dropped" (Not sure what that means).. decreases boredom by -1 and laying eggs causes just ever so slightly more pain than with a normal norn, just by 1 more point.
As I said it's not an extreme difference, but perhaps the beginnings of evolution?

Current norn population: 9


  1. I have to say that since I started playing Creatures Exodus, I see exactly why you have one queen in your world! My test wolfing run seems to have a pregnancy occurring every other minute. Ha! I like how you've set up your world, because this gives us a much easier time to become attached to certain Norns. I never realized what a great idea it was until I had a bunch of fertile females running about... Kind of a nightmare. Ha ha!

    I also really like your idea of egg colors being affected by environmental conditions! It definitely has to be randomly decided by the game, although I always thought it would be interesting for females to lay eggs that were the same color as the mother and father. However, I rather like your thought of environmental factors much more! Not sure if it's possible to do, but I would be interested in hearing more eventually!

    Finally, congratulations on getting into Norn genetics! I'm slowly learning more and more about the various genes: I would be happy to share anything I can, from one amateur to another! I'm sure there are many others in the community who would be happy to answer any questions, too... I have about a hundred on my list that I'm trying to find the answers for. Ha! Good luck!

  2. Thank you very much for the wonderful compliments. I'm glad that people don't just think I'm crazy for having a "queen", there is a good reason as you have seen. Yes that's why I only have one female! It actually works quite well, too well at times as you've seen. Yatta!

  3. Oh wow, do I feel ignorant. I'd seen you refer to your Queen Norn before, but hadn't actually picked up on her being the only female. It may be worth my while trying something similar as I too know the horror of Norns hatching in ever direction!

    Both my blog and Discover Albia have some posts on genetics. We, and I imagine many others have been slowly building up our knowledge and sharing it via our blog discussions. So if you have any question I'll do my best to answer them too. I've already learned a few things from Discover Albia, so hopefully I can learn something from here too ;)

  4. Thank you Arch. I have posted another question in the creaturetopia forums but so far nobody has answered it. Maybe nobody knows the answer.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, ArchDragon! It always seems like your genetics posts are much more helpful than mine, but I'm glad they've been helpful to you! I sometimes feel like my style of learning is completely nonlinear, and only makes sense to a few people.

    Kittie, I did some research this morning and attempted to answer your question over at Creaturetopia. Hopefully it helps you out, even though I'm not completely positive how to describe the "Silent" feature I found.

    Good luck to all of us in our quest for genetics knowledge!