Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Milestone For Nyrn

Anis, Anel (With the predator norn body) and Aren travel to the upper levels of the tree house where there is to be rumored a great deal of adventure. Wanting to get in on this themselves, they go to explore this said "adventure". Norns have gone here before, one never returned. The other returned with tales of sights no norn has seen before! While Anel looks a little worried, he's sticking with his friends who seem confident and eager!
The three norns stayed in the treehouse for quite a while, perhaps discussing among themselves the best direction to go. When I returned I found Anel and Aren had decided to go one way, and Anis another. Apparently they could not come up with one decision between them, so split up. Aren and Anel found themselves pushing the teleporter in the very top level of the tree house and transported into the edge of a vast desert! The air was much warmer here. It is currently winter in Nyrn and the Nyrn forest varies with very low temperatures with the occasional shivering norn. Up here in the desert though, they didn't have to worry about shivers at all! Anel was fascinated with a new type of seed that he had never seen before! Sunflower seeds!
While Anel explored the sunflower seeds Aren walked right past him to the big drums at the end of the dock. He'd never seen drums before and was very excited to get to play with them! I helped show them to him a little by hitting the drums some myself. He was very happy!

A small storm began to roll through with a small amount of rain. The two boys curled up together in the safety and shelter of the dead tree with the sunflower to wait out the storm. In spite of the bad weather they seemed to be enjoying themselves quite a bit! I must admit it is adorable to see them curled up together so much. Aren even found enough comfort with the situation to fall into a peaceful sleep.
I went to check on Anis to see what she was getting in to only to find she had decided on another direction, a different adventure. She'd decided to take the left most tube in stead of the teleporter that Anel and Aren had chosen. Her decision was rewarded with new plants and a new space she'd never seen before! Like a biologist she looked at the new plants with great interest!
Walking even further west brought her to a small glass container within which grew a new type of food and some mushrooms. I pushed the dispenser, showing her just what foods these were. She ate them quite happily and found them to be very tastey! She ate many while they were there, and then dropped the stems on the ground to grow new ones. Anis learned how to garden! I myself don't know the names or anything about these particular foods though.
Anis turned to look at me and smile big as if saying thank you for being with me, or perhaps for showing her the purple foods, or maybe she just liked the mushrooms. Either way, her smile was adorable for such a young norn on an adventure.

Quick check on Aren found he had gained the courage to wander further out in to the scorching desert. As I mentioned earlier the desert wasn't SO scorching since it's winter, but it is still pretty hot. He found a small patch of mushrooms growing there, which provide a good source of fruity nutrition. There were some stray cactus seeds as well. These are seeds he's never seen before, and so eagerly picked them up to look at them and examine them. Also, a lone honey pot rests near by. He must have decided walking in to the desert without food would be a bad idea and decided to bring it along. What a smart norn.
I returned to Anis and found her patch of purple food had grown to adulthood successfully. Anis is now considered a full fledged gardener. She has the ability to farm food! We all know how easy it is since the food grows it's self, but don't tell her that!

There has been one new birth in Nyrn. Meet Arethan the son of Fiken and Andil.

Current norn population: 18


  1. I'm glad to see that everyone went on some enjoyable adventures! I often get a little nervous when anyone heads off in new directions, but it seems like this paid off for everyone. The desert must have been a nice play to visit during the winter months! Anis was also quite the talented gardener: Hopefully she can sustain herself by continuously "planting" new things! I'm fairly certain that the purple fruits are aubergines, by the way.

    Congratulations on the new birth, too!

  2. Oh! I didn't know, thank you for telling me about the aubegines. And yes, it does make me nervous when they travel far from the forest... there's oceans for them to drownd in. Having one norn already do so (and one I really liked) doesn't help my paranoya, but I do want them to travel and have experiences.

  3. Really awesome to see some of your Norns going off on their own little adventures. Adds a nice change of pace to the story.