Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jasmine Pushes Daisies

Hey guys. Tiny post today because I wanted to get the pictures from my last play out of the way to make room for the next one since it's most likely to be big. (that is a guess on my part, not a promise!)

Adairan.. Poor, poor Adairan.. I gave him a regular checkup as I do all my norns once in a while just to see how their bodies are doing with their invironments. He appeared to be healthy and happy studying the death cap seeds and never eating... but when I checked him up I noticed his liver A organ is not doing so well. From my studies this organs purpose is to store excess energy. Right now it's function is down to 12%. I am not sure exactly what affect this will have on him outwardly, but like I said earlier he seems to be happy and not in any discomfort. Whenever I dump a hand full of food by him he ignores it and has a one tract scientific mind set on those deathcap seeds. Who knows, maybe since he's never tried to eat one he knows how dangerous they are and is playing scientist to better the knowledge and safety for the future generation of norns. Little Adairan sits for hours upon hours, staring at, inspecting, pushing and carrying around the seeds. On rare occasions he will try to talk to one to see if it answers him. I can only imagine a tiny clipboard in one of his norny hands!
As the title of this post suggests Jasmines time has finally come. She has not lived up to the age of the longest living norn but she has indeed lived a very long time. Her age was over 5 and a half hours and she died an ancient. I was taken by the death icon to her, still sporting a smile. She had layed down in a garden of flowers and seeds and looked ultimately peaceful. She was a great mother and wonderful wife to the late Hetman. May your daughters further your genetic line down the road! Now she and Hetman are together once again!

Unfortunately, i'm sad to say her son Adondasi has followed soon after. He too looked happy and i'm sure he lived a happy life. He didn't complain much and seemed quite content no matter how hard I tried to convince him that he was hungry! I believe his death was caused by starvation, but he didn't seem to care! Ah well.. Life goes on!

The passing on of Jasmine has opened the door for our next queen. This happens to be the sister of Jasmine and Jeshi! Java has reigndeer arms and legs while the rest of her is most definately chichi looking. This gives her a little bit of a dwarf look, but oh so adorable!

Java was introduced into my little family of norns and blended in quite well, despite her physical differences. Her tiny legs make her look like she is swimming on the grass like a duck on water, and her tiny arms give her a T-rex appearance. Java expressed joy when she saw the abundance of food around her and enjoyed snacking on and playing with the field of fruits! Some time passed while I watched them graze like cattle in a peaceful world and I was amused to find the three norns (java, Easter and Adairan) gravitated toward each other to form what resembled a small herd. They wouldn't stray far from each other, and that's how I left them. Adairan of course didn't stay long and didn't really eat anything but quickly made his way back toward the volcano to look after his seeds. He seems to occasionally be attracted by other seeds but doesn't stay around them very long. His love is the deathcap seeds! Adairan, you have a very dangerous hobby.. maybe even a little morbid too!

Current norn population as of this post: 3


  1. I love Java's appearance. The stubby body is quite unique.

    I'm interested though, what are you using to tell that Adairan's organ is failing? I assume it's an agent, but I'm not familiar with it.

  2. I am using the x-ray agent from this page.
    It is second from the bottom.