Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sparce Norns

Easter has grown into her youth stage, which caught me by surprise because she hasn't gained any height or size what so ever. I had been waiting for some time to see her do this, so I could know when to begin expecting breeding behaviors, but since she never grew I got tired of waiting and looked to find she was already youth! Easter keeps to herself most often, just walking around, playing with toys and eating. She seems to be living the good life! Here Easter settles down next to the lift button beneath the big tree house, in the cool, rich soil.
Not long after I began watching Easter I was surprised by the death of Hetman. He had been the Adam of Nyrn, fathering the future generations of his tribe. Hetman had been the first to stray from the little cave the whole norn population first arrived in Nyrn in, and with a fellow female norn colonized the underground cave by the waterfall. There he spent his days, first and last, with no predator threats or stresses. He even managed to discover gold and treasure! With his full life behind him Hetman now rests in peace, knowing his children have a future because of him.
Adairan, one of Hetman and Jasmines children, has found himself near the volcano door where the deathcap mushrooms love to grow, playing with the seeds of them! I can't help but admit he makes me very nervous when he does so, but he doesn't seem to be eating them or the mushrooms. I can only hope that is because he has enough intelligence to know not to. When I first found him I sweated bullets for a little while as I watched him prod, play with and look at the little spiky seeds as if he were studying them. Adairan is an adult and has never shown an interest in breeding with Easter but what holds his interest is the science behind deathcap seeds!
After the discovery of Adairans dangerous hobby quite a while passed before something new happened. All the norns continued in their peaceful lives before suddenly I became aware of a pregnancy. I didn't get to see it happen, but was braught to Easter! I was so happy for this joyous occasion that I followed Easter wherever she went until she layed the egg. Her gestation wasn't long at all, in fact much quicker than an average norn I think. The egg itself surprised me also, that she could lay one half the size of her! Good gracious Easter!
Her first egg hatched into a little girl. Easters second pregnancy was soon to follow and the second egg layed among the flowers beneath the great tree house. The father of both eggs was Adondasi, he and Easter seem to have a little romance going, though casual as it is. The second egg also hatched into a little girl norn, which worries me a little bit... because Adairan and Adondasi are the only two male norns left in my game. If more aren't born into this world soon I may have to fetch some from muco. (If I did they would be c1 norns, they're irresistibly adorable!)

Current norn population in Nyrn: 4

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