Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter For Norns

This is the easter post. I am sorry that it's very late, but better late than never. Well, here we go.

Another blast of difficult weather has swept over the Nyrn forest. It catches all of the nearby norns by surprise and sends them scurrying in the other direction. Luckily for the norns, the weather patterns aren't hazardous to their health. They don't know that though, unfortunately. The little toy dog there is abandoned as the norns flee from the ominous thunder cloud spitting it's lightening all over the ground while a couple more take shelter in some tall grass. Inside I can't help but feel glee over watching these unusual weather patterns affect the norns and how it may change the way they live!

Jasmine has reached old age and all of her colors have dulled, but she still looks beautifull with her pale pastel wings. In her old age she has slowed down quite a bit. I still have been unable to successfully breed energy into old aged norns, oh how I wish they could remain energetic up until death! Jasmine spends her hours and days, now, sitting and staring at/watching things most of the time. I find it difficult to get her to eat anything. I'm unsure if this is because her metabolism has slowed and she no longer feels hungry, or if she is confusing looking with eating. She has had a long, full life, though, and so I let her be and try not to hassle her too much.
From the mysterious egg under the watchful gaze of a nearby norn pops a fluffy little norn, tiny thing! The egg you see, was an Easter egg and from it popped an Easter bunny norn, what else! I have named this cute little thing Easter, in celebration of the holiday. This did happen on Easter day, but again I have gotten this post up a bit late. Easter loves to eat eat eat! That seems to be all she does.. yes it is a SHE. She will not replace Jasmine, but supplement her in the norn tribe. Most of all, Easter loves to eat the Easter eggs from the baskets! I have watched her trekking alllllll the way to the volcano door and back just following the trail of eggs for eating!
Easter Also likes honey! When I supply the honey comb with a few jars by pushing the hive she scurries right over and enjoys a few of those jars! Jasmine has also been seen enjoying the jars, but not nearly as much these days.

A couple of deaths have occurred in the world of Nyrn. Abishpulu and Addarnat have passed into the great beyond. They lived their whole lives in the cliff cave never venturing out once. They enjoyed their lives though. Abishpulu seemed to pass on due to starvation though this isn't proven or certain. Why norns choose not to eat when they are surrounded by a bounty of food is anyone's guess.

This post is short simply because while I had played for over an hour, very few things of note happened to take pictures of! Because of this I have few pictures, but hopefully next time I will have a few more! Sorry about that guys!

Current norn population: 9

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