Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Thinning Of The Herd

There were more deaths today, though not nearly as many as yesterday thankfully. The day started out with almost imediately two deaths, Lennert and Emmeram. Their deaths were not owed to starvation however, but instead to pain. They were being banged around in the lift too much. This is the issue with too many norns riding the lift. One norn is lift button happy and the others get dragged along for the ride whether they wish to or not. It frustrated me to see this. As I tried to remove norns from the lift, they only proceeded to walk back to the lift and get back on. Ohwell, can't teach them all to be smart.

I was happy to see Kunie soon become pregnant! During her first pregnancy she stomped around in the snow up top by the norn cemetary place. she was litterally stomping her feet happily in the snow as if she was quite enjoying making foot prints! There were a couple of times she came dangerously close to the edge, and there I hovered my hand ready to catch her in case she fell, but she was too careful to fall. Eventually she made her way back into the lift and down to the ground floor where it is much safer to lay eggs!
I transported to the warp room where I was informed of two visitors. Two brothers who have arrived together from the same person and same world. I do believe I know the previous owner of these norns from the forums. They are actually two little alien norns, named Alba(pictured here) and his brother Adoeete. I don't have alien norn sprites so they show up as harlequins in my world. Alba arrived first and seemed very smart in pushing the lift button and taking a ride to the second floor. There he got stuck on the second floor lift button however. His brother arrived seconds after him and became infatuated with the first floor lift button. I didn't have high hopes for them.

Sure enough, after his brother had already left the warp room Alba died (probly from starvation, it had been a few minutes) on the second floor of the warp room. I was a little disappointed to see him go, but was encouraged by his brothers progress.

It was after quite a while that I was traveling between rooms that I happened upon the norn meso and this little norn wandering around in it. Adoeete had passed the IQ test! Good for you Adoeete! I plopped him down in the norn home of the Norn Terrarium and he seemed very happy to be there.

Another norn death alert appeared on my screen and my hopes dropped. If my norns keep dieing like this, soon i'll have another male norn crises on my hands. It is poor Kouichi. I'm just glad these norns lived long enough to pass on their gentics. Kouichi most likely died from starvation.

Kunies first born and first son is Yoshinari. Yoshinari has his mothers arms and his fathers body. He was born very playful, and a little bit curious. The first things he began doing was walking around and playing with toys! He played with the little rocket toy here for quite a while.

I left little Yoshinari to play with his toys while I watched over the rest of the norns. When I came back to the toys he was gone. I searched for him and found him in the norn incubator area where the cheese dispenser is, with a piece of cheese in his hand! He wasn't eating it however. I was very fascinated to find that he was talking to it. It's normal to see norns talk to their food or "express food".. but for this long! I think he was having a conversation with his cheese. After what seemed to be minutes he finally stuffed the whole thing in his mouth and ate it! Yoshinari is turning out to be a very smart little norn. He went back for more cheese, pushed the dispenser all by himself, and ate what came out. After he ate his fill he moved on.

His next destination was the toys again. Yoshinari walked over to the lift which is quite a travel for little norn legs, and pushed the button, calmly riding inside all the way to the ground floor. There he stood by the toys again and played with the rocket launcher mostly.

Kunie wandered passed and I followed her. She was making her way accross the norn terrarium to the other norns. I was surprised to see, as the camera followed her, that there were many if not all of the norns in this one area, seemingly standing around. I watched carefully only to realize they all were passing around a single apple. Kunies telepathic mind agent thingy was telling me that she was "eating fruit" and my guess is that is what all the norns are doing. But if you eat the fruit it should disappear with a crunch... Confused, I grabbed the apple and removed it only to have it snatched out of my hand by a norn hand. I tried a couple of times with the same result. Next I grabbed ahold of a norn hand and pulled it away from the group. The norn whose hand I took happened to be the same holding the apple and suddenly I hear a crunch and the apple finally disappears. It must have been a strange glitch... Interesting though.
Much time passed as I watched the norns play, retreat and approach each other, express and eat. All was well in the world. I had decided that the food was a little sparse for my population number, and so took a C1 fridge and plopped it in a norn house. Suddenly everyone began stampeding to it! Little Yoshinari was in no hurry though, and was the last to realize there was food up in the house. I watched with delight as he smartly walked right over to the button, pushed it to call the lift, got in the lift, waited patiently in one place as it carried him to the next floor, THEN walked right to where the fridge was. Yay!
Kunies next pregnancy took place here, and this is where her next egg was layed. She felt that the comfort of being in a norn dwelling and with lots of food near by was good enough to continue the norn population. A little boy popped out, again mostly apple norn with a little chichi tail. His name is Gin'ichirou. You can see him peeking from behind the egg shell. He was immediately overwhelmed by the norn numbers and retreated them all, but soon approached again to eat his very first meal!

A last death happened before I left for the night. I found Paturin by the pond. He was already a pretty old norn even though he had not yet reached elder stage, so I was glad he had a long life. Poor Paturin didn't make it in time though before starving to death. He hadn't made it to the food fast enough. Rest in peace Paturin.


  1. I love this Blog.

  2. I still love this blog and I am no longer a nony mouse.

  3. Hi Kittie, I am enjoying reading your Blog with tales about all your Norns. It's fascinating to see what sorts of Norns are hatched with each new generation. Having all those mixed breeds produces some wonderful and sometimes funny combinations. They are very interesting to read about. I also like how you migrate them to a new place for a change of scenery, though it is sad about the ones who don't make it.

    May I ask what agent it is that makes snow in the Norn Terrarium here? I've never seen it looks very interesting!