Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter In The Terrarium

So far the norns have taken wonderfully to the Norn Terrarium. I have had complaints of hunger due to the low number of apples and seeds falling from the tree, but the norns aren't starving like they were in The North Pole. There are apples and seeds and they get snatched up quickly. A lower population of norns would prove to be beneficial to the hunger levels. Cold doesn't seem to be a problem even though i've added many ice crystals and lowered the temp in the terrarium as low as I can. I haven't seen one complaint of cold or one shiver.

Kunie is proving to be quite a firtile norn. She has become pregnant with her third set of twins! I took a picture of the impregnation. Unfortunately I was not watching close enough to see which of the next three babies that hatched were the twins themselves. One is obvious due to its C1 norn body, but the other is a little bit of a mystery. I had been watching the other norns. In the norn terrarium there are a few dangers that have already claimed the lives of some norns, such as the little pond to the very right.

In celebration of the holiday season I hatched another santa norn. I wanted two more christmas themed norn races in the game but I am unable to get them to work for some reason. Little Aruvuin here(I may be spelling his name wrong) makes up for all of them though. I was blessed to have hatched a super cute norn!
Aruvuin has an unusal mystery about him because of something he did once. I was watching him closely up by the norn cemetary because there is very little food up there and I don't want norns to starve, especially Aruvuin. My watchful eye caught some very strange behavior. He was standing in place doing nothing, not moving or anything. I found I couldn't click on him and pull him anywhere, and his expression kept changing. Panicking for some reason, I picked him completely up off the ground with my hand and set him back down gently a few inches away. He had not moved once, much like a slider norn. Finally I noticed brown Z's raising from his head, as you can see in the picture... he was asleep standing up with his eyes open! :O He only did this once though. I'm lucky to have caught a picture!

This is baby Reginald. He is another baby norn who hatched. I love the name the game gave him, its very easy to pronounce and a real one.. not like some of those names that look like the game just gobbly gooked some random letters together. As you can see, the apple norn genetics seem to dominate the population. I'm starting to get a little bored with seeing them.

I'm pretty sure Ghulam is one of the twins that Kunie had. Ghulam hatched and was imediately interested and curious about everything!

Tatsushirou hatched and began playing with the nearby drums. He seems to be a very average norn. Sorry I can't say much more about ya Tats..

Ghulam walked right over to the sludge gun soon after he had hatched and eaten his first meal from the ginger bread house in the norn home. He spent quite some time there, looking at, resting next to and walking around the sludge gun, displaying a ton of interest in it! He soon found out he could push it, and began shooting three sludge glops in both directions. Thankfully there were no other norns in the way so nobody got hit. He then walked further left to the mover and expressed the same interest in it. This interest in machinery reminded me much of an ettin. Perhaps he will grow up to be a norn nerd! He didn't get on the mover and move himself around though. So far none of my norns have learned that they can do that.

After quite some time passed of casually watching norns the death of Gin'ichirou found me. He had most likely become beaten to death by the elevator. Sometimes when norns get elevator happy, they take along for the ride with them other norns who don't want to go, and they end up walking into the elevator wall repeatedly. Poor Gin'ichirou.
Scrolling back over to where the majority of the population is hanging out I found a small number of norns standing in one place, passing around an apple. No.. they wearn't passing it around, they were trying to steal it from eachother. I'm sure you know what i'm talking about when I say that, it's probably a pretty common act. This little apple kept being taken from norn hand to norn hand as they were all trying to eat it. Finally, little Ghulam gets ahold of it and breaks from the group, high tailing it right, toward the pond!
I watched as Ghulam was persued at break neck speed by Tatsushirou! They disappeared behind the big snow mound right before the pond and my view was unfortunately blocked. When one of the norns finally re-emerged it was Tatsushirou, and he was holding the apple. I was a little sad that the little baby norn didn't win it, but Tatsushirou won it fair and square. He ran a little bit to the right, out onto the log over the pond so that Ghulam could not steal it back. I was happy to see that, when Ghulam emerged from the snow hill, he was holding a seed and looked very happy with it.

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