Friday, December 17, 2010

Sad For Ise

 The day started out pretty good. The first thing Ise began to do once I started up my game was to heartily kisspop my Aruvuin. The idea of having more santa norns running around during christmas time is divine! Aruvuin and Ise kisspopped for quite a while in the comfort of the norn home with enthusiasm and it was only a matter of time before an egg icon popped up on my screen!

Ise became pregnant and I watched eagerly as her belly grew and grew as the time passed. She kisspopped with a few more norns in the mean time, which surprised me because most pregnant norns don't have interest in such things. She seemed happy, though a little tired, one could only imagine how heavy that big belly would be when you have to carry it around with you everywhere you go. But after several minutes I became worried. The time to lay the egg had passed and she still hadn't. I checked her out with the hoverdoc and to my sadness saw she had no Oestrogen or Progesterone. Ise is forever pregnant.
 Due to her not being able to lay that egg, she would be unable to have babies and populate the norn world. Because of this, I had to get rid of her. I didn't want faulty genetics in my world even if I did surgically remove the egg. I placed her in the warp and sent her on her way. She didn't look very happy to go and I wasn't happy to see her go either. Hopefully her next home will welcome her with open arms and love. Goodbye Ise.

Kono Sekai Ni Wa was now left without a queen, so I had to import another. Ise's sister Imiyo is next in line, and arrived with a grin just as bright as her sister had when Ise had arrived! Imiyo looks just like her and they may very have well been twins.

 Imiyo spent some time joyfully playing with the bright colored and flashing christmas decorations around her! Imiyo picked up a pretty looking candycane and was playing with it happily, when over walked another norn. Reginald decided to come over and meet Imiyo. Imiyo quickly dropped the candycane when he walked over, and they got along quite well! In fact a series of kisspops ensued soon after.

Knowing that the "forever pregnant" problem can be very genetic I waited and watched the growing Imiyo with baited breath. She grew bigger and bigger, and to my relief eventually layed her very first egg. Imiyo closed her eyes and rested beside the egg after it was layed, for she was very tired after having had to do that, but she didn't fall asleep and she was very happy.
 A little while later out from the egg hatches Almond right next to the ginger bread house, which provided him with a lovely first breakfast. I imediately fell in love with the adorable-ness of this little norn! He has his mothers butterfly norn body, wings and arms and his fathers head and legs. He hatched to be quite a very quaint and content norn.

Imiyo imediately took a liking to her son and he she. After a few minutes friendly greeting, Imiyo walked over to the sludge gun and began pushing it. I watched as Almond followed bright eyed and with a big grin as if he were staring at the gun in awe. He watched his mother push the sludge gun a couple of times, then joined in hesitantly. Imiyo repeated and repeated, teaching Almond how to use the sludge gun, perhaps in case any grendels dared to come around. I guess Imiyo thought it very important that he know how to use it.
 A couple of the norns in my world are pretty ripe with age and so when I saw a death icon atop my screen I didn't think anything of it, and clicked it. It took me to Yoshinari who had drownd in the pond. Apparently Yoshinari was not responsible enough to be around the pond by himself. I was very sad and somewhat disappointed in myself for not looking after him more. RIP Yoshinari.
Scrolling away from the passing of Yoshinari I found Adalmund on the log. He was having a great time playing with the snow that fell, I even managed to catch one in the snapshot! Adalmund expressed "get weather" "eat weather" "push weather" and "approach weather" several times while he was there. It was adorable and warmed my heart to see such an elder norn playing like a child. you're still young at heart Adalmund.
Back in the treehouse I found that the three norns Imiyo, Almond and his father Reginald had for some reason carried all of the toys into one spot, and the gingerbread house too... I could not fathom what reason they would have to do that. Ohwell, who knows what goes on in a norns mind. Whatever reason it was, they were having a grand old time with the toys. o.O

Much time passed with me watching the adorable family of Imiyo, Almond and Reginald sticking together and doing regular family things. They played with toys together, ate together and tickled eachother. Eventually Imiyo decided it best to split up though, and made her way with her son in the lift to the very top floor of the treehouse. There they did mother daughter things like eating apples and chasing nuts in the snowy environment, and met a third apple norn. I watched him for a little while but was alerted to the sound of an ample amount of slapping comming from Imiyo! I scrolled over to find her slapping her son quite vigorously for some reason. Almond must have been a bad boy and was getting spankings! I became a little worried when Imiyo didn't seem to want to stop, but when Tatsushirou, the apple norn up there with them, walked over, he persuaded her to stop and Imiyo stopped. Thank goodness.
Tatsushirou, Almond and Imiyo hung out for a while. Tatsushirou was acting like a good father even though he wasn't Almonds father, but will make a good one when he kisspops with Imiyo in the future (i'm hoping). More little butterfly norns running around would be a great way to ring in the new year!

During the time I was playing many visitors graced my warp in the warp room, but I turned them all way because they were female. Due to my high number of "female norns in waiting" on my hard drive to enter my world I don't have room for any more. However, a male entered my world and he happened to be a pure bred siamese norn. Cats are close to my heart and so I could not pass this little guy up. He arrived and was pulled out of the warp to the bottom floor of the warp room looking disoriented and frightened. I watched him look around, work the elevator and smartly make his way to the top floor. He isn't making it out very quickly though. He doesn't seem obsessed with buttons or anything, just a little confused. Good luck making it out little Aitarou.

One last death appeared on my screen before I logged out for the day. Adalmund had finally met his age limit at well over five hours. The average lifespan of a norn is 5H and 39Min. Well Adalmund lived to be 5 and 46, so he had a long, full life. Congradulations and rest in peace!


  1. Thank you for Ise. She's doing very well in my tropical wolfing.

    Again, thanks :-)

  2. Thank you for taking care of her, I was worried that she'd arrive to someone who would just put her down. Great that she's doing so well!