Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Quick Day

Welcome back to another addition in my Confessions of a Shee blog! Today was rather quick because I had a couple other things to do... I woke up way late :(
Anyways, here we go!
I like to keep track of how many norns I have in my world. I pulled out my norn window and counted 10 norns, then became confused because I have more than ten written down on paper in my creatures booklet. I figured out there are some norns missing in my world apparently! Most likely what it was, I probably forgot to erase a few norns from the booklet when they passed on. Lothar was not one of these. Lothar here is a forgotten norn that I must have accidentally missed all together. He was still written as alive in my booklet and documents. When I looked up the last known snapshot of him in the norn files I found this, so apparently he is dead. Rest in peace Lothar.

My favorite santa norn spends all of his time playing and eating. He rarely complains about anything and knows how to take care of himself. He walks around happily playing with icicles, toys and pushing random things, as you can see here! He is a care free norn and rarely gets caught up in the norn drama games such as "steal the apple from everyone else"

I was taking a picture of the sleeping norn in the foreground here when I thought it was a great opportunity to show Aruvuins first child, since you rarely get to see the females born in my world. On the very right is a baby girl norns head. Her name is Lilian, a very pretty name. She was born with her fathers head and mothers body. She is an adorable norn and I am eager to have her as a future queen!
Just about this time, another mysterious death icon appeared on my screen. Adoeete has passed away with no sign of toxin, bacteria and not near a wall or elevator. The only other explination is being slapped to death, even though this seems highly unlikely due to my norns being rather peaceful. Anything can happen though I guess! RIP Adoeete.

I decided to follow another of my favorite norns around for a while. The super smart Ghulam. Feeling in the mood to spoil him, I dropped a handfull of food, fruit and seeds down at his feet and he happily ate and enjoyed his unexpected treat. I will occasionally treat my norns this way when my own mood allows it. Most of the time i'm very strict with my "let norns grow up wild" rule. I want Ghulam to grow up healthy and strong.

After eating his fill of his treat he walked over to the elevator button and began pushing it to call the elevator. Something he is seen doing most of the time. Whenever I want to find Ghulam, I just check the general area of the elevators first. Like an ettin, he seems to be attracted to machinery and likes to play with it. Sorry about the norn mind reader agent hiding his face in this shot.

After the elevator has landed Ghulam waltzed right up to it and stepped in, smiling the whole time it moved up and down. He is always careful not to move around too much inside. The front tuft in the foreground in the elvator is Ghulams.

After riding the elevator up and down a few times he decided to get off at the norn house area. He walked over to the little gingerbread house that someone had already taken a bite out of, and ate a nice snack of candies. Feeling full and very happy he plopped down to rest right beside it.
I left Ghulam to rest and visited the norns on the ground. I was tickled when I saw Tatsushirou had made friends with a piece of food. You can see it carried in his hand by his feet, it is brown, triangle with white spots. Tatsushirou walked around carrying this thing back and forth for quite a while, not stopping to push or look at anything. It was curious watching him and trying to figure out exactly what he had in mind. Eventually he dropped the piece of food for something more interesting.

I have a couple elder harlequins in my world and for some reason they seem obsessed with the very triangle brown cake foods that was mentioned in the previous picture with tatsushirou. Just like the old harlequin in this picture, they often stand around holding pieces of food for no reason, or pushing the food vendor repeatedly for a very long time. I have no problem with this but it is quite curious... and why only the harlequins?

I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post that there wer 10 norns in my world. Because of the deaths mentioned there are now 8. The population number is going down but still rather strong. I have faith that my norns will keep it strong and not get too low. :)

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