Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Great News!

     Rejoice! Discover Albia is back! Discover Albia will be doing posts again so ya'll can just click the link to the right of my blog and head on over there regularly to check up on all of the cool happenings in Albia! I'm so excited to finally be able to read about all of the norns that inspired me to start my own blog and I hope you can find some inspiration in Jessica's as well! Discover Albia helped me discover my blog and my love for creatures all over again! Discover Albia has those kind of powers o.o

     I also want to say i'm sorry for not posting very much in this month of December. As you all my already know this month can become very busy with all of the holiday preperations and visitations of family. My one and only beloved pet kitty has had surgery a couple of weeks ago and has been recovering from that, also. We've had to take care of her in the first few days just as we would a baby (without the diapering part) and so she's needed a lot of attention. That part has kept me busy as well.
     Rest assured you will not be forgotten the rest of the month, though, and I have made a commitment to play creatures and create a post on christmas day if not before! There is no way I would forget my dear creatures on christmas day. Why, they have presents to open!

     So just sit tight and enjoy the ride of these last few weeks. May your stockings be stuffed, your nights be merry and your holiday be jolly! Happily holidays.

Not really.. more like typed


  1. Hi Kittie! Thank you so much for the post about Discover Albia! My main goal was to inspire members to get into Creatures in different ways, and it's wonderful to see your blog! I admittedly haven't had time to go through and read everything yet, but I most certainly will be reading each and every one of your posts in the very near future. It's awesome to see another active blog, and I wish you all the best! Nice to know that Discover Albia has those crazy powers, too. Ha ha!

    On a serious note, I hope your kitty gets well very soon. It's probably quite time-consuming to take care of her, but it will all be worth it when she's back to her usual self. Good luck!

    Happy holidays to you, as well!

  2. Thank you very much for the kind words. It means a lot to me to read your comment. I feel very flattered that anyone would read my blog. Especially you, the one who inspired me. :) I hope to learn from your postings how to be more engaging and keep my posts interesting.

    The kitty is doing fine and her stitches have been removed. We're waiting for some sore spots to heal. You're probably wondering by now, after all that i've posted about her, what her deal IS >.< She had an infection removed from her tummy skin. All better now!

    I just wanted to stress how much I appreciate each person who reads my blog. I don't write just so people will read, I write because I have fun writing, but when people read it makes the blog that much more fun to write! Thank you everyone.