Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Time Is Here!

Today's post is going to be rather long, so I hope you can stick with me. 

A lot happened during our Christmas celebration and so there is a lot to tell! Before I get into that I want to apologise for not knowing where I obtained that snow machine that makes the snow.. the one the norns stuck into the lift. I discovered today when looking for more Christmas presents to give the norns, that the snow agent is included with the C1toDS Christmas pack. Also, wonderful news! Pecan has been successfully sent through the warp to a "Fwea"! Congratulations Pecan and I hope you can learn to live a full life.
I decided to start the Christmas cheer by first producing a LOT of presents under the Christmas trees scattered about my world. All I have to do is push the little star at the top and presents galore! I began on the right of the room, and worked my way left, so the first tree was the one in the snow drift by the pond. Aitarou here is the first norn to witness such an event! He marveled as the presents magically appeared under the trees and even tried pushing some! The food not too far away won out on his attention though, and he moved on. Aitarou is not so easily impressed.
Next is the tree in the middle of the terrarium and Auvuin quite enjoyed unwrapping many of the presents that appeared! Many norns gathered around and began poking, prodding and unwrapping many presents to reveal wonderful toys for them all to play with! Unfortunately I am unable to capture all of them on the screen. Aruvuin is a great example of what they were all looking like and doing though!
Tree presents aren't the only presents i'm giving them this year! Along with all of those wonderful toys, they get as much food as they can eat today! No needing to scrounge around on the ground and forage, and no fighting over apples today! I dropped handfulls and handfulls of food from the hand infront of every norns feet. They gasped and stared in glee just like Cashiew is doing here! They all stuffed their little tummies as full as they could!

Cashiew has reached adulthood and though he hasn't managed to grow into that long neck, he still looks quite handsome as a norn. He resembles a Christmasy norn with a turtle neck sweater I think, and does not look as awkward as when he was little. Cashiew walked around enjoying all of the foods and candies from the gingerbread house quite enthusiastically! The abundance really made the norn's day.
With all of the norns little tummies full and satisfied, peace blanketed the world like the thick snow already decorating it. Some time passed, several minutes of peace.. and Imiyo decided to take a little trip away from the commotion of all the other norns for some alone time. She rode the elevator to the top of the bridges, and looked adorable finding a solitary candy up there to play with. She spent time looking at it, poking it and dancing around it.

An egg hatch icon surprised me on my screen, for Imiyo has not gotten pregnant. As I was braught to the hatched egg and new baby norn, I realized it was the elevator norn! Overjoyed that the elevator egg has finally hatched, I looked in anticipation, waiting for the norn to step away from the egg shell so I can full'ly see what he looks like. I have named him Walnut.
Walnut resembles his father, though I'm not sure who his father is. Perhaps it is Reginald here, whom lifted the egg from the elevator so carefully,when I wasn't looking. It's still quite curious why the egg was kept there, only to be removed a time later. I can only be happy it has finally happened though, and it looks like Walnut has inherited his mothers beautiful wings. Reginald watched walnut rest for a time. It is only when walnut decided to go off and eat some food in the norn house to his left that Reginald decided he was alright, and walked off on his own to do something else.
After filling his tummy with wonderfully healthy and tasty foods, Walnut took a gutsy leap off the side of the bridges, past the slude gun, to land on the snowy ground. Perhaps the snow cushioned his landing, because he didn't seem phazed by the fall at all. He had fun exploring the melting snowmen, many of which i've placed into the world for Christmas as well. Walnut also enjoyed catching the large snowflakes on his tongue like I invision other norns doing when they're "eating weather".
Imiyo has layed another egg among the abundance of food by the gingerbread house. The red and yellow egg blends in quite well with the sorrounding norns and the candies littering the wooden planked floor. I couldn't wait for it to hatch and let me see if it would be another little norn with santa norn parts! The more santa norns I have in my world on Christmas the better! You can't have a proper Christmas without santa norns!

The wait for the egg to hatch didn't take long at all. I kept my camera on it, watching and watching for a short time.. before finally the sounds of cracking shell are heard! From the egg pops the tiny zebra norn head of a baby boy whom I decided to name Brazil, after a brazil nut. Brazil hatched with a bright, hopeful grin and in his mothers watchful, protective gaze. Hatching among a heap of food also gave Brazil the advantage of a full tummy very quickly!
As you can see, he has inherited his mothers looks. Quite a pretty norn if I do say so myself.
Brazil delighted me by showing me an adventerous spirit. After his very first meal, he had apparently found his way to the hill by the norn cemetary. I was not watching him the whole time he made his journey there, but when I found him I was so excited! No other norn has gone to this area since the migration to this terrarium. Here Brazil enjoyed the company of the birds, chasing them some, and also enjoyed the food that I dropped at his feet. Merry Christmas Brazil!

On this hill is a lone Christmas tree that no other norn has touched. Brazil found the tree, and looked at the presents with wide, curious eyes. He pushed some of them, causing them to unwrap and reveal wonderful toys for him to play with. Some of these toys did indeed get attention from him, as he played with them. Brazil has alllll of these presents and toys all to himself up here!
Whats this? Brazil wondered, as he gazed at an odd looking candycane that stuck out of the ground near the Christmas tree. It was huge, with a golden ball on top. He pushed it, and was instantly teleported into an outside world of nothing but white, and snow! I could not help but chuckle as the first thing he does when arriving in the tundra is look at the camera with a wide eyed surprised expression! I watched as he curiously took a few steps toward a close ice crystal.. and then shivered. Burrr.. this place is cold! 
Deciding not to stay in such an icy place for long, Brazil didn't make any motions to explore further, but rather returned to that weird looking candycane pole and back into the much warmer norn terrarium. Brazil was the very first norn to return to the tundra since they all migrated to the terrarium and is a very brave norn for doing so. I'm very impressed with you Brazil, for being so brave and adventerous! I am happy to see him back though, and all by him self, where it's safe. 
From the warp room comes the message of a visitor. I went to see just who it could be that had come to visit me on Christmas day, and here is a little low generation tiger norn named Spirit. I was touched by the name, especially when I think of the "spirit" of christmas, and so decided this is a special little norn. I plopped him in the bottom of the warp room to begin his IQ test. 

Spirit proves to be a very smart norn because he took no time at all to make it to the norn meso. I found him in the bottom of the meso not even five minutes later. I picked him up and transported him to the norn terrarium plopping him down in the pile of food. His helpless expression changed to one of joy when he saw all of the food, and began to stuff himself to his hearts content.
Almost as soon as Spirit passes the IQ test his relative arrives through the warp. This is Todd. Both Spirit and Todd come from a world where everyone speaks German apparently because this is what Spirit and Todd speak. It is a very beautiful language and one of my own ancestors on my mothers side, so I decided not to mess with their speech or teach them anything new.

Todd wasted no time in pushing the call button to the elevator, stepping inside, riding up and walking to the meso door. Todd traveled quicker than his brother Spirit, the whole time having nothing but eating a juicy fruit on his mind. Impressed and happy for the norn, I watched with anticipation for him to reach the meso so I can finally transport him to his new home. Exhausted before he even reached the meso door, he plopped onto the floor and fell into a very restful sleep. I took the time while he slept to check him over and found his Kidney was down to 0%, not working. I don't know what that is supposed to affect, but it didn't seem to affect him any.
Eventually Todd reached the meso door and pushed it, opening to himself a whole new world! I picked him up before he had time to have a good look around and plopped him into his new home in the terrarium, just as I had Spirit! As you can see, he quickly took a liking to the gingerbread house candies laying around and began to help himself to many of them. Todd and Spirit are a happy addition to my world and I hope they will find the world a happy addition to their lives.

Back on the hill where Brazil had his grand adventure I found walnut. Unlike his half brother, Walnut was not looking for an adventure, rather he was looking for some peace. Don't get me wrong, he did quite enjoy the birds and toys sorrounding him, but just in a calmer way. He pushed a couple of them, but played with the snowflakes the most.
Walnut spent most of his time laying or sitting on the hill looking off into the distance, perhaps at his family far away on the bridge. He has such a peaceful look on his face I couldn't help but feel at peace and calm myself just watching him. To see him so content just sitting alone up there was so cute.

Watching Walnut and sharing his peace, I was suddenly being interrupted by a silly norn, Ghulam. Ghulam rode the elevator up to the top, turned to look at Walnut who was now right where the elevator landed, then pushed the elevator again, pulling Walnut inside. They both rode down to the ground floor with Ghulam telling Walnut how he should join the festivities and inviting him to play with everyone else.
Walnut has other ideas however, and once he was free of the elevator he watched Ghulam walk away.. then stole the elevator again to the top of the hill where he once again layed down in the cool snow to rest.

Current norn population: 13 norns plus one baby girl.

Have a very merry Holiday everyone!


  1. Looks like everyone was able to enjoy the holidays in every possible way! It's also wonderful to see the new babies, just in time for Christmas. What a great way to spend the holidays in Creatures 3! And it's great to see that Pecan made his way to a new home. Have an awesome Christmas!

  2. Reading back over my post.. maybe I should have made it into chapters with an index page. XD

  3. I've just finished reading all your other posts, including this one, and I must say you have some very unique ideas, especially the 'migrations' and only having one female at a time, very interesting. Keep up the good work! :)

  4. I personally love long posts.
    Hurray for Pecan finding a home.
    I think both Walnut and Brazil are super cute and smart and I can not wait to see more about them.