Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Imiyo's Time

As I have mentioned my norns have decided the best way to pass the time is to slap each other. Not one single norn is instigating this, rather it seems that all of them decided this individually. When I find one norn slapping, they stop before I can stop them, only to slap later.. and then another norn is slapping someone. Sometimes norns slap each other at the same time, sometimes five norns are slapping other norns at different places on my screen at the same time. Actually catching an individual norn and stopping him with my hand is nearly impossible! Away from all of the midst of all this slapping Imiyo has decided the pond is her refuge. She doesn't get bothered here, and enjoys the cold, brisk water. As you can see, she is too tall to drown in the pond unless she were to lay down and try to sleep, but seems much too smart for that! She even walked right out into the deepest part of the pond and began playing amongst the reeds that still grow in the winter water. Imiyo spent the longest time watching the reeds sway with the water currents, dancing among them and getting them, hitting them and slapping them. This time I decided she looked much to happy and peaceful to move her, and so let her be.
Eventually the cold does get to a little norn and Imiyo always finds her way out of the icy pond back onto land to warm back up. The sound of norns slapping rang through the land and Imiyo tried to be oblivious to it as she walked into the snow drift to find some nuts and apples to eat. There amongst the chaos she met another norn, Aruvuin the santa norn, and had a romantic (if you can call such an invironment that) kisspop with him. The slappy norns got too close just after the kisspop and broke up the romance, causing Imiyo to flee from the slapping hands of the other norns while her tummy grew!
Suddenly finding herself sorrounded, poor Imiyo had no choice but to repeatedly retreat norn left, and right! There were norns all around her and she had nowhere to go! When the urge to lay had come she knelt down in the snow drift to carefully lay her egg in the snow and it seemed she had no choice but to. Luckily, no norns came to slap her, but she still tried to retreat after the egg had been layed. The egg seems to suit Imiyo well and is a beautifull spotted purple color, as if the egg had inherited Imiyo's colors! As she repeatedly retreated norn left, right, left, right, her's and the feet of all the norns around her danced around the growing egg.
After a while, the little egg crackling sounds were heard as the slapping sounds died down. The slappy norns have decided to take a rest for a while and continue foraging for food. I watched with anticipation for the little egg to hatch, as the movement was seen inside the pretty spotted shell. Seconds before the cracking shell opened a death icon appeared atop my screen and I clicked to see who had been slapped to death. I was confused when the screen transported me into outter space, a vaccume of nowhere.. I clicked back to the norn terrarium and found that the little egg had hatched! Sitting in the shell was a tiny unnamed baby girl norn, stillborn. She looked adorable, cute as a norn can be with her C1 norn looks and beautifull snow white hair.. I was so sad to see it was she who had died a second ago, but at least she didn't suffer. It took me a moment to gather my feelings and right myself after this, I was so sad to lose such a cute potential future queen. Perhaps all of the norn feet plodding around the egg had disturbed it too much, or perhaps it was just bad genetics.
Imiyo spent some time enjoying the toys and seeds on the ground. There was peace among the slappy norns allowing Imiyo to move around freely without the danger of becomming a victom of being slapped. I was happy to see this, and had hope that the slapping was only a phaze. However, after a while Imiyo layed down and peacefully passed away due to unknown causes. All of her vital organs had been normal, and there was no toxins or bacteria. She may have starved to death, but this would seem unlikely due to seeing her eating seeds and apples, perhaps she was missing something? Rest in peace Imiyo! Imiyo passed away at adult at a little over three hours and left to her legacy the only daughter, Yoshiyo. Imiyo had been the last surviving sister of one other sibling and the last surviving daughter of her mother Hinaki.

Next installment we'll get to meet the new queen and a new romance!

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  1. Stillborn births are one of the worst things that can happen in Albia, and I sympathize with you. I had one stillborn in my original Albia, and it was heartbreaking. At least this little baby looks like she died in peace with that smile of hers. May both she and Imiyo rest in peace.

    I look forward to meeting the new queen! Hopefully there won't be any more sad news for quite some time!