Friday, December 24, 2010

Eggs In Elevators Don't Hatch

Kono Sekai Ni Wa is currenly in a very peaceful state, as it should be at Christmas time. The day also starts off normal and very peaceful with all of the norns enjoying their world. In the passage of time little Cashiew here has aged up to youth, but unfortunately has not grown into his long neck. He doesn't mind having this long neck, in fact maybe it even helps him see farther than the other norns. Even though he may look a little funny, I still find him very adorable, especially with his cute little attitude and his silly antics.
I watched my norns in this peaceful world and found them at various parts of the norn terrarium foraging and snacking among the various seeds and fruits. The christmas themed foods don't get as much attention as the nuts though, and here the beautiful Almond snacks on some of them up at the very top of the norn bridges among the thinner, cooler air and clouds that may pass by, giving a subtle fog affect on occasion.

Of course the peace never lasts long in my world, and as I scrolled around to watch all of the norns, since they don't all fit on the screen at once, I noticed there was a little congregation at ground level. Three red norns passed among them a single apple, with others scattered at their feet. This apple is passed from tiny norn hand to tiny norn hand.. clearly these norns don't know the meaning of the "giving holiday". What ever happened to sharing? Yet again the norns are caught up in an apple war! I let them be this time, as there were other apples, eventually someone would get tired of fighting over the same one and go for another. This was so, eventually, and they all found there are enough apples to go around!

I found Chestnut up practicing with the sludgegun again in case any grendels dared to enter the terrarium. Little do my norns know that none will ever show up there, thanks to me. Still, they like to feel safe rather than be sorry later, and so I let them practice. It's quite cute when a stray norn wanders over to see what he's doing only to get blasted with some sludge sometimes! I have never seen a norn die from being sludged, but i've heard its possible, so I make sure it's not taken too far. Careful there Chestnut.

Chestnut felt he has had enough practice and is pretty well versed in the sludge gun, so he moved on to the next big thing. Nearby Imiyo has layed a much welcomed egg by the norn treehouse where the warmth and gingerbread candies reside. Chestnut found this egg, and promptly picked it up, carrying it over to the elevator. Perhaps he thinks its yet another toy, for once entering he plopped that egg among the other toys cluttering the elevator floor. There the egg sits still, unmoved by norn or hand. This egg has not grown in size since being in the elevator, and is still freshly layed size, disappeared among the pile of toys. I have decided to wait and see how long it stays before someone picks it out and allows it to hatch. By then the poor little baby inside may have traveled up and down that elevator a billion times and hatch to reflect it!
Cashiew, the long necked nooorn.. had a very looong neck. And if you ever saw him... J/K :P Here he is sleeping. I found he sleeps standing up! I've seen other C1 norns sleep standing up and so think he gets it from his C1 genetics side. I still think it's quite adorable when norns sleep in odd positions. Behind him two norns think its funny to make faces at his back while he sleeps. They both continues to make funny faces at him while having the action "look norn". Will that long neck of yours come in handy showing santa the way over the fog Cashiew?
I noticed upon a nonchalant passing of the elevator area with my camera, that yet another toy has been added to the giant collection in the elevator. The shee dolly has been placed there by some silly norn who has also decided this is a good closet. Why the norns need their closet to move up and down i'm unsure. Perhaps it's easier to fetch the toys that way, instead of walking to the toy, they push the button and bring the toy to them? Silly norns. And somewhere in that mess is still the norn egg!

From a beautifully blue second egg layed by Imiyo hatches a very teeny baby named Pecan. I thought Pecan was a cute name, fitting for a cute norn! I imediately became attatched to Pecan because of his utter cuteness! Unfortunately, I became worried, then horrified as I watched pecans little legs begin to move the second they were free from that shell. They carried Pecan left, left, left... walking.. He never stopped walking in fact. I soon realized poor Pican is blind, because i'd seen this behavior so many times before. He can express himself in that newborn nornish language that I don't understand.. but does not look at anything. In the norn mind reader agent it says he is looking at "nothing" all the time, or "touch nothing" or "rest nothing".. when I grasped his tiny hand to turn him around he only walked the direction he was facing.

Pecans long, unintentional journey brought him to the edge of the bridge, and off the side. He landed with a heavy thud and imediately expressed a very sad expression as that landing had hurt! I felt sorry for him, but watched as he continued his journey left.. left... and off the edge of the floor past the learning room. Another hard landing later, and he was still walking.. right into the wall. Poor Pican stopped walking when he thudded into the wall and felt pain..

That cold hard wall that had caused him so much pain to walk into scared him, and he promptly turned from it and ran away from the source of that pain! This caught me by surprise because usually norns born blind don't comprehend anything of much.. But this norn, though blind, is very comprehensive and can think for himself. He knows when something causes him pain, he retreats it! It's a shame he cant see food to eat it or he might live a wonderfully normal life. This show of comprehension and thought gave me hope he might grow out of it or learn some way around his disability, but once the pain wore off, he just continued walking again endlessly.

Sadly, I picked pican up and transferred him to the warp room where he will be sent off to somebody else who is better able to care for a special needs norn. My world is very dangerous for blind norns because of the walls they can run into. I have an agent set to cause pain to norns who run into them, and this as you have already seen many times, can kill a norn. Pican sat very obediantely without walking anywhere, once he was in the warp chamber, and waited for me to push the button.... I pushed it... several times... each comming up with noone else online. So there he sits, unable to eat, waiting for someone to come online. Hopefully someone will come on for me to send him to before he starves to death. I would hate to see such a happy looking, adorable norn die. So this is where I logged out.

Unfortunately I cannot say when I will be logging in again, so plans to meet up to transfer Pican to you would be very difficult. Exporting him would lose him in my massive sea of exported females waiting to be imported into the world, so that would be very risky. I can say I will most likely be playing again sometime tomorrow on Christmas day, so if you want a chance to save Pecans life and are feeling froggy about it :P you might want to log in sometime tomorrow and see if you receive him. Though, without genetic changes or regular injections, i'm not sure how you could keep him alive anyway. Good luck Pecan!

Currently in my world, including Pecan, my norn population is up to 10. Everybody is youth or adult with the exception of the egg in the elevator and Pecan.

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  1. Cashiew looks adorable, even if his neck is a little long for the rest of his body! I had a good laugh over your new holiday song featuring him! Who knows: Perhaps he's part of an elite group that helps out the Christmas Norns!

    The apple war is something I've experienced... Seems like sharing is just not in the plans for some Norns. And with the holidays, one would think they would like to be a little kind to one another!

    Poor little Pecan. It's always a shame when a lovable creature turns out to have some sort of serious defect or mutation. Special needs Norns require a good deal of care, and I hope he ends up in a new home where he can live a safe and enjoyable life.

    Happy holidays!