Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Surprise Egg

Since my previous post I have not been able to get creatures out of my head to play any other games. So, i've decided to play a little while and create another post, and here it is!
First news is good news and todays good news is the purbred siamese visitor Aitarou has passed the IQ test with flying colors. In fact, he passed it so much that I found him wandering around in the C1toDS Albia. Feeling a little ashamed of myself for not watching him closer and catching him before he made it there, I picked him up and plopped him in the norn home in the Norn terrarium with the rest. He adjusted seamlessly as if he'd known these norns his whole life.

Continuing with the couple norns from the previous couple of days little Almond here found it imperative to run from his mother at all costs for some reason. He didn't stop to eat or rest. Whenever mom Imiyo came near Almond ran from her with all of his might! Perhaps he didn't want any more spankings... or were they playing tag?

Imiyo eventually decided that Almond had grown old enough to take care of himself, and might enjoy a little space. She walked to the lift and pushed it, riding it down. I watched her stand by the lift and seemingly look over the things that had piled up in it when I realized just how cluttered the lift is! I saw lots of little toys, the snow maker and even a nut! Perhaps the norns decided the lift makes a good closet for things.

Deciding that being alone isn't all that it's cracked up to be, Almond walked to the lift and rode it down in his mothers foot steps. Here he stops by the ginger bread house to enjoy some candies and treats! From the bright smile on his face and the way he dances with the treats when he eats them I can really tell he enjoys eating them very much. I'm not worried about him starving that's for sure.
I was overjoyed to see a pregnancy icon pop up on my screen, and learn the father is Aruvuin the santa norn. I was shocked and baffled however, when after Imiyo had grown to full belly size she layed down by the gingerbread house and there was an egg, without an egg icon. It's as if it had just fallen out of her. I had been watching a nearby norn on the same screen just a little ways from Imiyo when I looked over to see the egg sitting infront of her. ??o.o??
She fell asleep soon after laying.
Out from the egg hatches Cashiew. He is an odd looking little norn and i'm hoping he'll grow into his head, or body a little bit when he gets older... whichever one makes his neck look unusually long. Cashiew hatched to the sight of his mother right by him, partook in some gingerbread house candies, then began a short journey toward the right side of the screen.
Cashiew began to worry me as he took off into a run away from his mother toward the edge of the bridge! I don't know what had gotten into him but he ran right off the edge of the bridge, and I quickly readied myself to pull him out of the water before he drownd. Luckily he didn't land in the water, but on the long branch bridge that extends over it. He was a little worse for wear, with an unhappy look on his face after such a hard landing, but managed to find some good out of it by walking to the snow drift on the right and grabbing a nut to eat. A loud crunch later as the nut was eaten and he was again displaying a happy smile.

Hopefully this will tide you over until christmas. Have a merry holiday!


  1. I finally finished reading everything from the beginning! Your world is amazing, and I love how interesting you've made it. I really like how you have the migrations, IQ test for incoming Norns, and the fact that you have only one adult female in the world all the time! Very unique ideas!

    Aitarou looks very handsome, and I'm glad to see he passed the IQ test! Seems like he's a very sociable Norn. Poor little Cashiew! I find his long neck kind of cute, although I hope he grows into it a little more! I guess in the worst case, he gets a "head up" on everyone else. Ha ha!

    On a quick note, make sure to check your messages over at Creaturetopia!

    I look forward to the next update! I hope you have a great holiday!

  2. Thank you :D , "heads up " lol XD
    And wow, you read fast!