Monday, December 27, 2010

The Egg Evasion!

Todays post is short. I figured that since I dragged you along the excruciatingly long previous post that I would give you all a rest with a rather short one this time. That means my playing time today was also rather short, since the longer I play the more pictures I seem to produce. In this short amount of time a few things have happened though. There have been a couple of deaths, and a surprise that shocked even me! Whether unpleasant or pleasant is left up to interpretation.

The first event was a very pleasant one. After removing all of the Christmas related items such as decorations and trees, leaving the winter world a little more barren and with less food, I encountered a pregnancy and egg icon on top of my screen! Imiyo layed a beautifully frosty looking egg in the snow on the bridge planks by the norn homes. Little time passed as it gradually grew in size. Spirit, one of the newest norns on the block, walked over to look at this thing, that he may or may not have ever seen in his life before, and watched as its size changed. Spirits wide eyes were locked on the egg with intense curiosity as it then began to move around inside and hatch.

Forth from the egg came a little baby norn that looked very much like him! This little baby's name is Kou. After Kou left his shell, grabbing the pot of honey next to the egg in the process, Spirit layed down by the empty shell to take a little nap. Curious to see if the intent that Spirit had shown the egg was because Kou is his son I checked the geneology and found out that Kou is actually the son of Todd! I found Kou increasingly difficult to take snapshots of because he always seemed to duck behind an adult norn. His camera shyness didn't last forever though.
I eventually had to leave him to his camera shyness after several frustrating attempts to catch him on camera, but returned a little bit later to find him enjoying the coffee very much. I know there may be some debate as to whether caffeine is good for babies or not, but since its really cold outside and coffee provides them with warmth I let them have as much as they want. Kou was not just drinking it, in fact he only took one sip that I noticed, but he was playing with it too! He was having all kinds of fun exploring this strange looking potion by pushing it, hitting it, getting it and dancing all around it!

Leaving Kou to his fun with all of the things in the tree house I found Imiyo resting in the icy water! Imiyo! what are you doing?? That water is freezing and you appear to be comfortable?! It boggled my mind why she could enjoy the water so much. She is perfectly healthy though, no sign of fever or anything that would make her hot. There wasn't any food or toys stuck in the pond that had her attention so eventually after the short rest she stood up and walked back onto land to join the rest of the norn crowd.

These pictures look so strange because I had the game minimized when the game took them. I was looking for and downloading the Ecology Kit and when I maximized my game again I was concerned to find Two norns, Reginald and Tatsushirou had died. For some reason out of nowhere my norns have decided slapping eachother is the new past time and I suspect this is what killed them, unfortunately.

My apologies for this picture as well, for Spirit was also making it frustratingly difficult to take the picture! Unofortunately this is the best I could manage. I was watching the two newest norns get around when I realized with a shock that there is still a little blue egg in the elevator! There you can kind of see it behind Spirits butt! He decided to squat down JUST as I took the pic! Apparently in my last post when I said the egg hatched I was mistaken! At least it's not crowded by toys now. So there in the lift the egg still sits, ungrown and unhatched, waiting for liberation from its moving basket! Is it bad that the egg still sits unhatched? Or is it exciting waiting to see what happens? Pleasant or unpleasant? You decide!

Current population number: 12 norns


  1. Kou is adorable, especially in the picture with the coffee! I guess he knows how to consume caffeine in moderation, unlike a lot of coffee drinkers out there. Most of my Norns pour as much of the warm beverage down their throats as they can before I can intervene. At least he found the coffee pot more intriguing than what was inside it!

    It's sad to see two Norns pass away, and the way they died probably wasn't ideal. Creatures always have to try something, though, whether it is beneficial or harmful. May those two rest in peace.

    Hopefully someone will decide to pick up that egg soon! It might not hatch until the youngster's parents pass on, which would be quite interesting. But a new little one roaming about soon would also be cute! I guess it's a situation that could be good or bad... Just as you said!

  2. That egg is still in there!? I hope somebody pulls it out soon, I'm not sure the constant movement is healthy!