Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kunies Last Day

Since Ghulam is my current favorite norn I have been enjoying watching him. He is always around the gadgets, mostly the snow maker here. He likes to pick it up and hold it, but usually drops it soon after. Curiously, Ghulam picked up the gadget but did not drop it this time. Instead, he held it for a while, and even rested with it as if it were a stuffed animal. He then began to walk off with it and I became curious as to where he was taking it. Where in the world would he be taking it?

Apparently he thought the elevator needed more snow because that is just where he took it. I wondered where on the ground he would be taking it to, but when he stepped off he had left the snow maker inside. The other norns that use the elvator don't seem to mind or notice its presence. Occasionally the harlequin will push it a couple of times, but then leave it alone and continue his ride in the elevator.

 I have been watching Kunie closely, knowing these were her last days. Her stats have been dropping like crazy, and all of her internal organs are nearly completely shut down. Her muscle organ is completely shut down leaving her with a very promonent limp. She can barely walk around, but still tries to, with a big smile on her face, so I can only assume she's happy. I have been catching her sleeping most of the time and rarely eating. I gave her some honey and coffee which seemed to perk her up a bit. Aruvuin also seems to have taken an increased interest in sweet Kunie, and helps her stay awake with kisspopping. Kunie enjoys his company.

Their kisspopping romance produced a little boy that I named Chestnut, for the holiday season. Chestnut hatched a very energetic and playful baby norn. He imediately went for the little squeaky toy there and played with it for a while before moving on. He likes to push everything, from toys, to food, to even following his mother and father around!

Soon after his play with the toys he followed his parents and likes to disappear among them. He likes to stay close to his parents and seems to be happiest when he's around them. Once in a while Kunie would even approach Chestnut and watch him for a little while, as she too takes interest in her newest son. You can't see him in this picture but he's there, behind his parents somewhere!

Chestnut left his parents only for a little while to explore not far away. He picked up the biiig gingerbread house, bigger than he is! And carried it around a little bit, eventually depositing it beside the elevator. Along the way he picked up some of the candies that fell out and ate them.

I watched Chestnut for quite some time, and he didn't ever stray far from his parents. Aruvuin, his father, went off on his own for a while though, leaving Kunie and Chestnut alone. Kunie seemed at peace among the pile of candies that Chestnut had pushed from the gingerbread house, and that is where she layed down and passed on. Her old body had finally given up it's fight and she died with a smile still on her face. Her age is ancient at 4 hours and 53 minutes.

Next, it is Ise's turn to return to the world and she arrived with an excited grin decorating her face! I plopped her down in the norn house where Kunie had passed away, but after her body had disappeared in a puff of sparkly dust. Ise comes from a time waaaay back in albia, as you can see, and has butterfly and zebra norn genetics. I think she's a really beautiful norn with her stripes and colorful wings. She imediately took a liking to Chestnut.

Well thats it for today. Thank you again for reading! Also, be aware that you are now able to leave comments right on the blog at the bottom. I fixed it so it would accept from anyone, and don't forget to take interest in the new poll on the page!


  1. Where did you get the snow blower agent Ghulam's got in the first picture from? I've never seen it before.

  2. Unfortunately I can't remember where I got it..or even what it's called. I'm bad with those things. sorry D: