Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Calm Winter

Today's post starts with a death, not so mysterious. Fermund here dropped dead, at my surprise due to his young age. His death, after close inspection, was determined to be the result of starvation. This doesn't concern me however, there is plenty of food on the ground and the lower level of the bridges the norns now hang out on. Fermund starving to death is a result of his own stupidity and is his own fault. He could have easily traveled via the elevator to get some food. Because of this I am glad to have one less dumb norn, that strengthens my norn stock. As harsh as this sounds, one must remember the whole reason I breed my norns is for intelegence. Still, I liked Fermund due to his C1 parts and he was a cute norn. Rest in peace Fermund.
Speaking of cute, I followed Aruvuin for a little while simply because he is cute and I like him! I found him at the top level spending some time by himself. It was very peaceful up there with no other norns around and Aruvuin seemed to enjoy the peace. He spent his time enjoying the mysterious gadget he found up there. Little does he know that it's purpose is to bring lots of snow. He stood there gazing at it in curiosity, pushing it, pulling it, expressing to it and inspecting it from all sides.
After satisfying his curiosity with the gadget he walked right a little more to the icicle at the upper level. The cool air sorrounding it was refreshing and he pushed the icicle, cooling the air off even more. After spending a few moments playing with it he decided to move on to the nuts decorating the wooden planks. These he also played with just as he'd done the others, even eating a few here and there and all the while enjoying himself!

Meanwhile Kunie has taken up the habbit of following norns around. She sports a smile the whole time and so seems to enjoy it, not bothering to push, pull or hit anybody but just following them. She has latched onto her daughter Lilian and follows her around quite a bit. I caught her just standing by Lilian when Lilian was eating and watching over her like a good mother would.

Mankichirou lived to a ripe old age of ancient and passed away peacefully on the ground by the elevator. He has lived a full life, though not as long as some of his ancestors at just over four hours. RIP!

I spent some time simply watching my norns with nothing major going on. I noticed there were no new norn births which is unusual for my current population and pursued Kunie to find out why. I found Kunie doing nothing but resting inside the norn house on the bridges. She is only just over four hours old, but for some reason my females tend to live short lives and age quickly. Kunie had reached ancient before she hit four hours of age. She now lay doing nothing but resting in the norn home as if she'd retired herself, or become too old to do much. She doesn't even get up to eat which worries me. Looking at her stats I saw most of her vital organs were around 40% working which is normal for an ancient norn and means their time for passing is comming soon.  She still seems happy though, so I won't force any food on her or do anything to upset her.

My norns have not even expressed any interest in going back to the "tundra" part of my world, but i'll still leave it there on the hill by the cemetary in case anybody changes their mind and becomes adventerous. I've also distributed a few more heaters around set on cold to chill the air a little more. It doesn't seem to be working, but i'm sure the norns like that fact. Anyways my world is pretty peaceful so far. Till next time!

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