Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Dawn Of Jeshi's Age

Meet Kono Sekai Ni Wa's next queen! This is Jeshi, one of 5 children of Irmburg. Jeshi seems quite normal in every way physiologically with no defects, limps or organ failures. Her genes are a mix of creatures full of edits norn and Zebra norn. Jeshi arrived, at the age of 44 minutes old, in the world quite excited to be there displaying a bright smile and imediately upon arriving in the norn home  began playing with all of the fun looking toys around her! Her very first toy to play with in this world was the little C1 robot with the wheel.

In fact, Jeshi's favorite things are the toys. After playing with the jack-in-the-box she moved on to the gold fish bowl for a while. She spent quite some time playing with all of the toys scattered throughout the treehouse home that some norn had thoughtfully removed from the elevator. Jeshi still hasn't grown out of her inner child and loves playing with the toys to this day.

Other norns are never far away and the first to meet Jeshi, and the first of her new family Jeshi gets to meet, is the first norn to stumble upon her, Cashiew. Cashiew is now quite a handsome adult and seems to have girls on his mind. The first time he see's Jeshi he stops in his tracks and can't help but stare, because he finds her very beautiful. Cashiew stood there staring at jeshi with "look norn" on his mind for quite some time while Jeshi rested after playing with all of those toys. Cashiew was very polite though, and didn't attempt to do anything to Jeshi that she might not like, he just let her rest.

After a moment, Cashiew decided he too would like to rest, and settled down right by Jeshi. It looked adorable the two side by side, or maybe front to side? Cashiew hadn't expressed the need for sleep or rest, or being tired, so when he layed down by Jeshi and stayed there for as long as she did it was very sweet.

After a nice long rest, a few other norns come to see what Jeshi and Cashiew are doing. They too find the new Jeshi, but are indifferent at her arrival, as if she'd been here all along. Aruvuin finds himself fascinated with the new honeypot that I dropped in the norn home. Sometimes I like to drop a few treats here and there just to break up the lack of variety of food in the terrarium. Aruvuin did nothing but stand there very eagerly staring at the honeypot. He would stand for several seconds, then stare at it from the other side for several seconds. It is as if he could not figure out exactly what it was or what to do with it.. or maybe it was just really neat looking!
Jeshi finally became brave enough to leave the security and warmth of the norn home in the treehouse. She took a few hesitant steps to the right, over the snowy planks toward the elevator. Then she spied a new toy! Oh and how Jeshi loves toys! She swept right past the elevator to the drumset! Joy overwhelmed her as she beat the drum with her tiny norn hands creating a symphony of drum beats! Such a noise drew other norns around and they watched with increasing interest as Jeshi beat the drums until she grew tired. Cashiew, always at her side now, could not help but follow her over and watch her performance as well.
Here is an example of norn misbehavior that runs rampant in my world.  Todd thought Ghulam would make a great drum and decided to slap him instead. I found Todd slapping poor Ghulam. I was able to stop him this time, but no doubt this will continue in the future. Ghulam will probably be the instigating norn next time ironically.

A stumbling Spirit caught my attention and I became concerned that one of his organs was failing, like the one that regulates gate. My concern was replaced with humor as I realized there was nothing wrong with him at all, he had just found the mankey that i'd dropped in the norn home. None of the norns had touched it or even seemed to notice it was there for so long that I myself had forgotten it was there.  There were more than a few there, and now only one remained that Spirit currently has his paws on. I had not intended for one norn to drink them all, but laughed as he drank and then stumbled onto the next one, nearly tipping over! I was too late to stop him from drinking them all, but hopefully they won't be detrimental to his health.
Once again Jeshi is over at the drums, or maybe she never left. Cashiew, who still is at her side, decided it looked fun and after learning some tips from Jeshi's playing, he decided to get in on the action. While Cashiew took the big, manly drum, Jeshi took the petite side! They both drummed together a sweet song of romance and adventure! Cashiew had not previously displayed any interest in the drums before Jeshi came along, nor had he really been interested in any toys. Jeshi has awoken the child within him.

Two more things happened before I logged off of DS. Unfortunately they are a little bit sad. I was very sad to see that Spirit, a little while later, had found his way into the water and apparently decided it was a great idea to lay down under the water and rest. He had drown. Aruvuin has also died from mysterious causes not long after Spirits passing. Perhaps Aruvuin decided he didn't want Spirit to be alone in the afterlife. These two norns were among my favorites, though I like so many right now, and so I was sad to see them go. I blamed myself for Spirits passing as I do for every norn that drowns, its my fault for not watching them closer. I take such deaths as a reminder to watch my norns and with each death i'm a little closer to being a more perfect guardian for it. *tries to always look on the bright side*

I decided this post to make all of my pictures a little bigger. They're easier to see this way, but it blurs the pictures a little, they're not as crisp and sharp. I haven't decided which way I like the pictures yet, small or little. Each way has its benifits and draw backs.

Small: crisp, sharp picture. Takes up less room in the blog.

Big: Easier to see. Takes up more room in the blog. Blurry.

I would like to know which way you, the viewers, like it best. What benifits would you be willing to sacrifice and which would you rather keep? I will make the pictures that way from now on.

Current norn population: 9 norns


  1. Jeshi and Cashiew are so adorable together! I really hope that they end up sealing their romance with a little egg sooner or later: They seem perfect for one another! I especially liked the story about their drum song of romance and adventure.

    I'm also sad to see that Spirit and Aruvuin passed away. I blame myself for any somewhat preventable deaths, too, but like you said, it ends up making you want to be that much better in the future!

    I prefer the smaller images for the majority of the time, although the bigger ones help with showing smaller scenes or baby Norns. My vote would be for a bit of the mix, although either way would work for me!

  2. Hooch always has some funny effects, until someone ends up asleep in the pond. :(

    Also I'd stay with smaller images, they might be harder to see, but we are used to seeing them that size in-game anyway. :)

  3. Okay. I know someone who has voted already, and another mysterious voter so that takes care of two people. Either pyromaniac or Jessica has not voted but has cast their voice in the comments area here. I don't know who but you could vote up in the poll on the top right of my screen, that way it's easier to keep track. But so far there are two for small and one for big. Thank you for the comments too Jessica!

  4. I voted yesterday! One thing I might suggest for polls is embedding them in the actual post(s) that they are associated with. Blogger Tricks has a great post about how to accomplish this. I've used this method before successfully, and I don't think it's too difficult. Just an idea, though, since Blogger is a bit limited in the placement of polls. Good luck!

  5. Where did you find the C1 agents? When I try C12DS with C3 docked, the game crashes or goes so slowly that it may as well have. Then crashes.

    So, how did you find undocked C1 toys?

  6. I have C1toDS in a docked world. I'm not quite sure why you're having issues. You might post about it at creaturetopia in the help forums. There is a link to the site in my links list on the right of my page. I'm sorry you're having issues :(