Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tulu Is Dangerous

Tulu has proven to be one of the more dangerous rooms for a norn to live in. I have had more deaths in this room from running into walls or getting stuck in corners than any other room so far. It saddens me to realize this, but also interests me. I become curious how the norns may be able to adapt to the dangers. My thoughts wander to maybe they may develop a tolerance for a high level of pain, or the smarts to avoid such walls.
Nonetheless we start out today on a lighter note. I was happy to find Rald wandering around in the norn meso, so he was quickly transported to Tulu to live out the rest of his days. Rald is a very handsome norn in my opinion, with hardiman norn limbs. It gives the chichi in him a more feral look. He often becomes angry and expresses this, stomping his foot around, but always sports a smile, albeit a naughty looking one. He has not yet lifted a finger to hit another norn though, which pleases me. Despite his anger management issues he is a very well behaved norn.

Another norn that has made it is Ryuko here. I also found him wandering the norn meso all by his lonesome and deposited him in Tulu. He appears to like it very much here. I was surprised that he actually passed the IQ test because he is a rainbow brother-type norn and they usually don't make it out of the meso. I'm pleased though.
 A new male norn born into Tulu is Kiyohisa. Kiyohisa looks to be all halloweeny except for a chichi tail. After popping out of his egg he happily looked around and then walked over to eat some candycorn. I found him holding a pumpkin toy and pushing things with it a little while later.

My new favorite little norn Palladin has fathered a baby with Liane. Meet little Nkosi. I caught him in a blink which makes him look kind of weird, but he's very colorful. He doesn't seem to have any distinguishing behavior. After hatching he immediately sought out foot and ate some fruits the walking halloween tree dropped.

This is where my realization of how dangerous Tulu actually is comes into play. The first of a few deaths today. I hate it whenever I find a norn killed by this stupid wall on the far left. The norns get stuck there, doing nothing but walking into it over and over again. Little Quentin here is a victim of the wall. Most likely he became scared by the skull there and was trying to escape it. Most norns are smart enough to scatter to the right though.

This little norn had no walls around him. He passed away by mysterious causes. I found no toxins, pain or bacteria on him. At least he looks peaceful. I was very sad to see it is Yorkie, Levios only son. Rest in peace Yorkie and hopefully Levio will father more children in the future.

A warp icon brought me to the warp room to find little Raolo here, from norngirl. I always love norngirl's norns because they always have something interesting about them! Unfortunately I'm not accepting girls into my world right now or I would have many more norns of hers. When I first saw Raolos little face peeking through the ribs of the warp chamber I immediately fell in love with him! I loved that he had the C1 norn appearance (was it mouse norn or banana norn?) with purple mountain norn legs! His coloring is absoultely beautiful too! I prayed really hard that he would pass the test so I can keep him! Funny thing is, as soon as I dropped him into the bottom of the warp room the only other norn (a rainbow brother norn who hadn't moved for several hours ever since he arrived) suddenly hurried across the top floor of the warp room, hit the elevator/lift and took it down to the bottom where Raolo is! He then immediately began to "make friends" with Raolo who didn't seem to mind. As cute as this was it worried me that Raolo would be distracted by the rainbow brother norn and not make it out.
Another death icon greeted me at the top of the screen and I reluctantly left cute, adorable Raolo to see who had died, only to find to my dismay it was Liane. She is another victim of that darned wall! I fumed for a second before taking down her stats and documenting the death (I keep records in a little notebook on my desk.) I definately did not want to see Liane go so quickly. Anger over her death is quickly replaced by sorrow.. and then life moves on!

Meet Liane's sister Kiyoe. Liane had three sisters. Kiyoe looks alot like Liane except for her chichi tail sticking out in the back there. As soon as Kiyoe arrived she was swamped by Cord and kisspopped into pregnancy!

Another routine check of the norn meso and there was Raolo! I was happy to see not only did he pass the test, but was in the meso long enough to make it to the very bottom and be there playing and eating food to his hearts content for quite a while! I plopped him into Tulu and he seems to be getting along quite well!

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