Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goodbye Rainbows

Today i'd like to start out with a promise. I said I would take a picture of a bald levio and here he is! I think he looks cute bald, just like all the other bald norns. I caught him taking a nap by the candycorn cauldron. He does love his cauldrons! He isn't spending as much time peeking out from behind them these days though. In his old age levio mostly travels between the candycorn and popcorn cauldrons, eating up the food from them. When Kiyoe stops by to eat some Levio pauses to do some kisspopping, then continues with his eating. When he's not eating he's resting. He's tamed a lot in his old age.
Meet Levios second son and the only surviving one so far. This is Chiyosaburo. Chiyosaburo is another who does not have any behaviors that make him stand out. After hatching he just began to walk left, and look at things, and do what a little norn baby does. He sure is pretty though, with his bright red coloring! He'll grow up to be quite a handsome norn.
Meet Levio's second son, Anders! This is another norn name I like, easy to pronounce and spell and short! Anders hatched a little while after Chiyosaburo and i'm pleased to see Levio still spreading his genetics. Anders has inherited Levios blue moon belly and his mothers apple norn head (though the male version of course) while having chichi arms and tail. I just love his colors and he is an energetic little norn baby. He hatched near the pumpkins and began playing in them.
After a minute or two anders walked over to the little crab that gardens all of the carrots laying around and began to partake in some crab abuse. Here you can see him flinging the poor little crab into the air! I heard little crab crys allover the place as he chased it down and threw it around again and again! I cant help but chuckle though, as no other norn seemed to be interested in the little creature.

He then makes his way over to the candycorn cauldron and began eating with ghusto. He likes the candycorn very much and at them one right after another!

While Anders was in the norn home eating the candycorns the apple cauldron began to get crowded with norns bustling for apples. I pushed the cauldron many times to make some appear and they were gobbled up as fast as they could hit the ground. I have to do this many times to keep my norns fed.

Kenjurou also became a little baldie when he reached the elder lifestage. He turned toward the camera as if he knew I was looking right at him and smiled really big, several times. It wasn't hard for me to snap a picture of it.

Everyone except for some babies walked out of the norn home into the graveyard leaving Kenjurou behind. He didn't seem too amused and I think he's got less tolerance for little baby norns in his old age. He had a baby on either side of him, and continued to "retreat" norn, moving back and forth without anywhere to go. He finally broke free once one of them moved and high tailed it out into the grave yard with the rest of the adults!

His next destination is the apples! And here he stops to eat some! He kind of disappears within the crowd, as every norn really loves these apples. I'm glad to see the cauldron isnt always abandoned anymore!

Kiyohisa has also reached the elder stage and become bald! I'm not quite sure why but my norns don't seem to like to touch the carrots laying around. I rarely see anyone eating them. I expected to see Kiyohisa eating them because thats where he was loitering, but he was just walking around playing with pumpkins.

A little while later after watching the other norns a death icon alerted me to Kiyohisas death. He died of nautral causes, old age. He doesn't look very happy which makes me wonder if he was suffering from some kind of hunger, or perhaps fear from the nearby skulls. Oh well, rest in peace little Kiyohisa!

Now I want to list some deaths whose pictures I don't have. The rainbow brothers finally got on my last nerve. I had been waiting for them to grow up and age like the normal norns, only to realize some were ages 3, 4 even 5 hours old and still youth. They should have reached youth around minute 37 or so. This is not something I want in my genetic pool, and their constant hijacking norns and holding them hostage was getting under my skin. I finally decided to get rid of them, but due to a glitch with my warp room I dumped them into the water (least I think its water, the fish are swimming there :o ) at the bottom of Tulu. They stayed there for like an hour or so.. and didn't die.. in fact they were just staring at each other... like the rainbow brothers do.. So I slapped them to death. The dead are: Goetz, Zakuro, Ryuko, Cord, Nkosi and Palladin. Nkosi and Palladin had unfortunately inhered the rainbow brothers aging genes and stopped aging at youth.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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