Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby Antics (or) March of the Pies

I thought tonights title was appropriate because babies make up most of the population of my world at this time. I of course have many adults, and may not quite adults, but babies seem to be everywhere and it can be slightly overwhelming trying to keep up with them all. This is Lothar. Lothar is enjoying some healthy, tastey apples. Lothar is one of the many cute babies in my world and like many of the others seems to be very intelligent. He hasn't yet displayed any of the mindless repetative behaviors some of the adults occasionally display.
Usually after finishing a meal of apples, a norn will then leave the apple cauldron and go find something else to do or eat. Occasionally, like Lothar here, a norn will cutely fall asleep beside the apple Cauldron. I have to wonder if the cauldron is warm or cold, since its metal i'd guess it's cold, so it wouldn't be very comfortable.. but Lothar doesn't seem to mind it.

 Vincent hatched out of his egg a bright and happy baby norn like most of the others. He displays a liking for the apple cauldron as well and is often seen performing the long trek to and from it when there are apples present. I have also seen brave Vincent playing amongst the skulls in the most dangerous part of Tulu without getting a scratch on him. This displays a lot of intelligence not to bump into that deadly wall.

Meet a new baby norn, little Landolin. I love his name, and he is a very special norn because of his halloween colors. I expected to have many more halloween colors in my halloween room but I have been disappointed.. so I take what I can get! Like all the others with halloween colors, Landolin has been rather tame and casual with his behavior. He doesn't walk around pushing everything like the other babies. Perhaps it is the halloween breed in him. I did catch him soon after birth walking over to the skulls with a carrot in his hand. Maybe it gave him courage to get near them! Maybe it was his lucky carrot. He ate it soon after. :)
Landolin also took an interest in the apple cauldron, in fact a little more than any of the other norns. I told him to push vendor and rewarded him when he did. Unlike the other norns when taught things, he didn't just walk away, but actually became encouraged by it! Landolin learned to push the vendor, and ate the apple when it dropped out, then repeated! I was very impressed. Landolin is proving to be more intelligent than I expected such a casual norn to be!
Following the smell of the apples, little Vincent soon appears from the right to partake in some of the munching too! When Landolin and Vincent met, it was like at first sight! They continued to look at eachother, and occasionally smile brightly at the camera, but mostly at eachother. When pulled away from one another by my hand they marched right back to eachother. I was testing to see if it was the cauldron attracting them or actually eachother. They walked over toward the skulls together for a little bit, then met back at the cauldron.
Off screen I found an unexpected mess! Somehow, some norn had learned to push the pumpkin vine, and left pumpkins everywhere! Here is kiyoe in the pumpkin patch, which used to be small, but no more! All those pumpkins except for the ones displaying faces can be eaten, but for some reason my norns never like to hit them to cause them to fall into bite sized pieces.. so they never do eat them, causing them to pile up! What a mess! There's no way I can get rid of them :(
I focused my camera on Rald, currently the oldest norn in my world at just over five hours, and was surprised to see a whole herd of pies marching by him. My snapshot fingers wearn't quick enough to catch the whole sight, theres only two pies here, but believe me there was a whole herd! Rald was caught in a blink, maybe he was surprised and couldn't believe his eyes that he had to blink really big! Rald was on his way toward the pumpkin patch when the pies marched by, and he layed on the floor. Some little norn was playing with the pumpkin scarecrow I see!

Then there was a death icon atop my screen. Expecting it to be a victim of a wall, or a very old norn, I clicked on it only to find it to be Vincent. I checked him over and found no sign of bacteria, pain or toxins. It's another unexpected death. Poor little vincent didn't even grow up enough to hit youth and Landolin lost a friend. Hopefully it wont affect him too much though. Rest in peace Vincent.

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