Friday, October 1, 2010

Crazy, thats how it goes...

The migration has successfully occured, but not without it's many and discouraging setbacks. It was much more difficult than I anticipated and we lost over half our herd on the way. Among those confirmed dead are Xavier, Veltin, Naoichirou, Wohali, Gerhard, Wikvaya and Varus. These norns did not survive the migration. Others got lost along the way and can still make it, though i'm not holding my breath.

It took all last night and half of today to successfully get everything settled. With so much time spent there was not much to actually play. And as it goes, the norns who did make it seem to be having difficulty settling into their new home. Their new home for this month is my favorite halloween room, Tulu! Set in a graveyard (or is it cemetary?) with a little home nearby made of cold stone. I hope they will grow to like it here.

First is Leyti, whom I noticed began freaking out and never seemed to stop doing so. Oddly enough I find him in this pose, not moving and frozen until he is slapped. I don't know if he is frozen with fear, but his fear drives are high when he does this.

 Leyti seems to be spending most of his time running away from everything! He certaintly doesn't like his new home and is often voicing how scared he is. The ghosts and laughing pumpkins are quite intimidating!

After some time passed he seemed to settle in a little more... or not? He began exhibiting another behavior, anger. He never tried to hit anything, but liked to get things and stomp around angrily. I've no idea what has him so angry! I think the new world is getting to him, and he's going crazy! Tulus version of "space madness"?

The first thing Jinia did was settle by the wine vendor and have herself some glasses. It worried me to see her snuggling up to the wine so much with such a worried look on her face. She sure seems to love it.

 A suiter came along and Jinia became pregnant with her first egg. She spent her whole pregnancy by the wine vendor, and layed her egg there as well. I'm just glad alcohol doesn't affect unborn children.

Jinias first Tulu child is a little girl named Kunoko. Can you recognise the norn sprites that the father was? :P Little Kunoko is having a blast in Tulu and wandering around with ghusto eating well and playing with lots of toys! She seems to fit right in!

Thats it for today, i'm exhausted! Catch up with you later.

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  1. Hello! I was wondering what you did to make them migrate? Did you pick them up and take the norns there or what? I was just curious. ^^