Friday, February 4, 2011

Arrival In A New Land

     The few norns left have been living in their snowy world for months now with few sources of food save for the abundancy of nuts falling from the trees. The few scouts that had searched far and wide for a warmer land only stumbled upon the very tundra they had come from. For long it seemed they were doomed to live in scarcity.
     Then from seemingly nowhere came hope. The norns have long heard of a prophesized new land. This land would be rich and abundant in food, as well as much larger, a sort of wild eden for them. A land they will forever more live in.
      This was nothing more than a rumor, or stories told down generations... until now. Word returned to the dwindling norn tribe of a mysterious land not far away that had seemingly appeared from nowhere. Now the excited norns journey to this land!
     When they arrived they found none other than... Nyrn!

The first to arrive was Agafusa. He entered into what appeared to be a very pleasantly warm cave filled with all kinds of vegetation! A quick sample of the growing tomatos and plants revealed them to be very edible and nutritious! After being sure there were no dangers other norns soon followed!

The elderly queen of the norns arrived through the portal next, into the jungle-like cave, and found it very pleasant indeed! The long trip had worn poor Jeshi out, for she isn't as young as she once was, and so she layed down on the cool, rich soil and rested. Jeshi had become pregnant by Agafusa (again!) seconds before they had left their snowy lands and so being pregnant also made her journey a little bit of a workout!

Kou was the next to follow through the portal and he found what his eyes spied to be very interesting! His butterfly norn mind immediately was drawn to the growing plants and he inspected them with fascination! Never before had he seen such lush vegitation in abundance! The mushrooms, classified as fruits, gained most of his attention.

The youngest member of the tribe, Hetman, was next to arrive. Though not as in awe as the other norns, he was very happy to be in his new home, if not a little confused. He repeatedly walked back and forth, searching for what would be the norn home, not realizing he was already in it. He found the pond nearby interesting. He had not seen such a warm, clear pond before in his life and so spent many minutes admiring it.

Liebhard arrived next and stuck close to the other norns. He seemed more nervous about this lands than anyone else had. He followed Kou around in fact, and only stopped to sample some of the food nearby. He also seemed a little confused at the sudden change in scenery.

The norns stopped what they were doing momentarily as I snapped a picture of them. Here is the whole of their new home, a little cave underneath a scorching desert. The desert above keeps the cave quite warm and comfortable.

The first two to wander out of the cave lead by their bravery were Jeshi and Agafusa. Agafusa seems to enjoy the company of Jeshi very much, and a little romance seems to have bloomed between them. In the little barren treehouse that houses a solitary honeypot not far from the cave Jeshi layed her sky blue egg. Agafusa is proving to be a very firtile norn and father! This little egg will have the good fortune of being layed in a warmer invironment than where Jeshi came from. What a surprise it will be for the future baby norn to hatch out and see before its eyes such a vast world!

The norns could not take the elevator egg with them and so left it behind. But fear not, I have not forgotten this little norn. I picked it carefully out of the elevator, knowing an egg cannot be carried between worlds unless it is yet unlaid, and dropped it into the incubator. I waited with anticipation, eager to see what kind of norn would hatch out of it! Lo and behold, the little elevator norn is a girl, a future queen! A little mixed butterfly and zebra norn! I named her Addut and transported her, the last of the norns, to the new world to join her new family.

Current norn population: 5
Number of elder norns: 2
N' also a new poll! :) 

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