Friday, February 11, 2011

A Burst Of New Life

Time passed allowing the two norns to relax in their new sorroundings. Not much was happening and eventually I began to worry that they would not have any children between them. In the spirit of Valentines I decided to inject and give them the harp of loooove to encourage the production of the next generation! At first they pretty much ignored the harp, but after I showed them how to play it, they took it up with ghusto!

Jasmine soon layed her first egg, katchup and mustard colored. It's colorful, shiny shell fit in well with the flowers and fruits of the invironment.

From this egg hatched a little boy norn named Abishpulu. He proves to be quite the curious norn, but a little bit on the average side. Nothing remarkable stands out on him. Still, Jasmine took him into her care without hesitation and stuck by his side, proving her love for her first son!

Thanks to the playful hands of both papa and son two more eggs were layed in quick succession among the rich, damp soil of the garden. Hetman soon grew tired from such hard work, producing eggs and such, while Jasmine seems to enjoy it and have an unlimited amount of energy!

I got a warning that a visitor had arrived. When I arrived in the warp room I was greeted by Amos, and soon followed by his brother Akira! They were dropped in the bottom of the room and I left them be while I tended to my other norns for a while. When I returned to check up on them I found them in the middle docking station room. There they sit currently, and don't seem to have much will to go any further. We'll see what happens.
The next little boy norn to hatch was Adarian. He, like his brother, proves to be a very curious norn, pushing things and traveling all over the garden! Tune in next time to see just how far this child thing goes! Will the harp get even more play?

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