Monday, February 7, 2011

Adam and Eve

While I was watching the other norns I had just left Jeshi for a second only to come back and find her swimming with the fishes. Unfortunately, the lack of fences around the bridges strikes again and Jeshi had drowned. I was sad to see her go, but it wasn't a huge loss since she was scheduled to pass over any time anyway due to being ancient. Rest in peace Jeshi, and don't worry, your children will succeed you!

The next to go was Kou who died from old age. Liebhard's only friend in the cave was Kou and his passing had left Liebhard all alone in there. On the bright side, the plants will finally get a chance to grow back. I decided to spend some extra attention to Liebhard since he was the last elder left and his time was comming soon. I had difficulty getting him to eat fruit. He loved to eat seeds and food, but for some reason the fruit was impossible for him. He would just look at it, as if he'd forgotten what to do with it. 
Nyrn's next queen is named Jasmine! Jasmine is a beautiful half butterfly, half zebra norn and the sister to Jeshi. Jasmine also loved the drums but didnt' stick around to play them for very long. Unlike jeshi, Jasmine has a little bit more wander lust and was excited about exploring her new world!
Not long after Jasmine's arrival Libehard finally died. This picture isn't of the death, it's the most recent one of him I could find, but he also had  passed away from old age. Liebhard has lived a long, full life and died an ancient like his friend Kou, leaving the cave empty once again to regenerate its lost plants. Rest in peace Liebhard.

Because I don't want her to meet the same fate as her sister I decided to keep a close watch on Jasmine while she was near the oceans. She wandered to the boat and seemed to be having some trouble getting into it, so I helped her into the boat very carefully. Jasmine's first ride accross the ocean was uneventful but she seemed to enjoy the vast ocean view and the beautifull sights in the background along the way! The boat pulled into the dock on the other side and popped her out back onto the warm sand! There Jasmine took immediate interest in the coconuts and I could not drag her away from them!
Jasmine did not want to leave the coconuts and as she aged from youth to adult, time passed. I began to worry she would take no interest in finding the only other norn in Nyrn! As a last resort, I plucked her from the sands and transported her to Hetman who was still in the garden where I last saw him. He was sorrounded by all kinds of plants abundant in fruits, seeds and foods! With all of the plants around, and now with Jasmine and Hetman meeting it reminded me of Adam and Eve. This is the beginning of a whole new generation for the first time on Nyrn!

The fact that they are now living in a cave doesn't seem to bother them, they don't even seem to notice. The air is a comfortable low 60's temperature and there are no dangers in this garden. The only thing lost to them here is the gift of languages because they have no access to learning english. This presents me with the challenge of trying to raise them well and teach them what to do to satisfy various needs. This concludes today's post. Tune in tomorrow to see just how Nyrn's new Adam and Eve get along!

Current norn population: 2
Elders: 0
Babies: 0

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