Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Genetic Discovery

Todays post is going to be rather short. A little while passed with the peace continuing throughout the land when a short romance between Jeshi and Agafusa produced a pale egg. This egg was layed in the cold of the snow drift as you can see and the pale color seemed to blend right in with this. I was very pleased to see such a thing because of my low population of norns, I will love to see it grow back to a larger population!

Right on schedule hatched Agafusa's first son in this world, Hetman! Hetman proves to be a very average little norn, healthy and pleasantly good at traveling. He didn't stay in his eggshell at all, but began exploring his sorroundings with growing curiosity and fascination! His first interesting find is the elevator!

Hetmans exploration in the elevator braught him to the lower level of the bridges. There he was immediately attracted to the toys! With this growing curiosity he walks right over and begins to play with the jack-in-the box. It impressed me that he was able to go straight to the toys when his need to relieve boredom hit and he was smart enough to use the elevator, even before he grew to child age! 

Jeshi was also hanging out in the bridges in the little norn home there, and found her son playing with the toys. She immediately walked over to check him out and watch over him. When checking her actions, she expressed that she was going to Hetman and watching norn. This is all she wanted to do, and very much enjoyed watching her little cutie walk around and play with new found things! Hetman noticed her too, and took some time to get to know her a little bit. I also could not help but be fascinated by the extreme contradiction in ages between them. Somehow, seeing a baby with an ancient looks a little like a work of art to me.
Hetman explored as much as he could in the bridge, and then took the elevator back to the ground level where he was layed. As you can see, the egg still remains in the elevator, but not to worry it will soon be removed n.~ I left Hetman to watch the other norns a little bit, make sure nobody was getting into trouble. But when I returned I curiously found Hetman walking with the gate notorious to mankey ingestion.. But I haven't left any around! I checked his vital signs and found no signs of toxins or intoxication in his system, no alcohol or anything! His odd gate is mysterious! The only explanation is if he found some mankey that I'm not aware of. Checking him over thoroughly I made a very interesting discovery! Hetman's body grows hunger for protine very very slowly. The hunger for starch and fat grow at a normal rate but the protine is abnormally slow. After ingesting an apple or other fruit it takes a very long time for him to become hungry for more. I checked my other norns, and two others displayed this same genetic abnormality. I can only assume it's a small adaptation to their invironments since for the past couple of months they have lived in invironments with very few sources of protine. I couldn't be happier about this!

What i'm about to say next is probly going to be rather predictable to those who know what is going on. There is another great migration comming up next, and unexpected. The time to travel to the new land has come and no norn has ever known the exact day or time, well it is now! This migration, though large, will not suffer any losses, but rather gain a norn! Stay tuned for the surprise to come!

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