Friday, March 18, 2011

A Burst Of New Life 3

Hetman had settled down in the little cave early on and had been the only surviving norn other than his mate from the original migration group. He had made the cave his home, but once his family had been established and his life secure in the cave his wanderlust drove him to wander some more. This time the tunnels beneath the cave drew his attention and he found.. gold! He was suddenly sorrounded with all of the gold and jewels he could set his little norny eyes on! Hetman didn't know what to make of it or what to do with it though, no norn had ever made or used such things!

Hetman, perhaps wanting to show his youngest the new miraculous discovery, picked up an egg that had been layed down by the swampy waters of the tunnel and began to carry it to the gold. This picture is a little bit glitched, it's not actually on his face. He had been in the process of putting it down by the pot of gold when this picture was snapped.

Hetman was soon followed by other norns, Jasmine was one of them and seemed to be protecting the newly hatched norn. The little egg layed by the water and carried to the gold hatched into a beautiful baby boy with arms like his mothers and wings like his mothers. His name is Adondasi. You can see him infront of Jasmine in the next picture.

Everyone else eventually began to follow Hetmans tracks, who by now was far into the tunnels. Hetman was makeing his own discoveries when all of his family behind him were making theirs.

Further into the caves he became extremely curious at the large contraptions now sorrounding him. Hetman had discovered machinery! These new dust covered tools were unknown to the norns as well as the gold, and Hetman circled them in the room curious as to what they were used for. What were their purposes once upon a time? They were obviously very old and had not been used in a very, very long time. Could they even be used again or were they too old to be used?

Slow updates should pick up sometime in spring.

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  1. lovely blog. I haven't tried C22DS yet, but oh my, c3 norns look lovely in it.