Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

With spring upon us a new seasonal holiday approaches. I have scattered a couple easter baskets full of eggs as well as some random eggs around the world. I was unable to find many easter agents for this occasion but happily this was one I was happy to grace my norns with! So let's get started shall we?

Akira and Amos, two norns from way back in the migration to Nyrn have not survived. I can't honestly remember if I posted about them yet or not so I decided to cover them now just in case. Sorry Akira and Amos.
Hetman was among the first to find the merry easter basket I plopped into their little garden! All other norns soon followed and it wasn't long before the basket was overrun with norns! I must say i'm very happy to see them all enjoying their little treat so much! Enjoy it while you can boys because easter doesn't last forever.

Jasmine had long decided it was time to leave the garden and broaden her horizons. She had been gone for a while before Adondasi decided to follow her lead. He traveled east down the underground river that so readily swallowed up baby norns. Adondasi wasn't afraid though, because he was no longer a baby and his head could reach above the water when he stood. He walked for a long time, eating the seeds and nuts that happened to drop into it from the great wide world above. When he arrived into a new land upon damp earth he was met with a sight! A vast area full of vegetation and butterflies! It was like a forested eden! Adondasi was very very tired after the rough trip though.
After a little rest Adondasi began to explore this never ending eden! He picked all of the fruits, flowers and foods around to eat and was happy! He is now thriving in this beautiful forest landscaped by a giant waterfall in the background. There are even a few toys. That multi-colored area on the right edge of the picture behind his butt is a spinning top that he occasionally enjoys to play with.

Abishpulu is the next to make this hazardous journey, following in his brothers footsteps, and eating the seeds and nuts at the bottom of the river. Abishpulu was smart in never keeping his head under the water for too long though.

Adarian, a near copy of his brother, also made the journey. His was swift and easy, though a little bit rough on the legs. 

It was not without reward though, as he had found a very sweet prize! He nearly walked right into the honey bee hive sitting a little further into the forest. A quick sample of the sweet honey that came out and its quite obvious Adarian was glad that he had made the journey to this new land from the cramped garden cave. 

Adarian enjoyed the little easter basket i dropped near by the honey bee hive. He was happily eating when I spied something that worried me considerably. Popping up by the bee hive is a death cap mushroom. I looked around and realized they seemed to secretly be popping up everywhere! Try as I might I am unable to uproot them or kill them.. I just hope nobody decides to have a taste. I once caught one of the norns walking toward one by the river to "touch" it but quickly caught the norns hand and pulled it harshly away. He didn't try again.

All this time Jasmine has been having a blast by and in the swamp. She loves to travel over the watery bridge that spans the swamps distance. For some reason when she does this, she always gets soaking, dripping wet even though she doesn't actually get in the water.  Why she loves the swamp so much is a little puzzling to me because the swamp is barren actually. She loves to play with the plants, as you can see here, and retreat the flowers though.

Jasmine has discovered honey, i'm not sure if its her first time doing so. I think she didn't know actual honey came out of it because she seemed very surprised when I pushed the hive to produce a jar of honey. Immediately she scooped it up and began to enjoy it very much! She stood there eating honey jar after honey jar.

I'm learning quickly that the C2 world can have some pretty wild weather. Not long ago the temperature on the forest floor dropped into the teens Fahrenheit and it began to snow even though it is currently spring in Nyrn. I was watching Jasmine when extremely low clouds rolled in. I watched with interest as they began to overtake the unsuspecting norn and one above began to roll with lightening! It crashed to the ground with a loud thunder and Jasmine jumped in fright!

The cloud near the ground suddenly began to thunder and chase Jasmine as she ran away frightened! I'm unsure why but for some reason when my norns become frightened their expressions rapidly shift from scared to happy and back until their fear disappears. I think it has something to do with a certain gene because it appears to be hereditary. The camera just happened to catch Jasmine when her face was in the happy expression.

And back at the cave the three norns that are left, pappa Hetman and his two sons continue to thrive happily in their home. They seem to be immune to wanderlust, unlike the rest of their family, and are quiet content to stay where they are.

Current norn population: 7 in all

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