Saturday, September 25, 2010


Nothing much has been happening as of lately. Kono Sekai Wa is still pretty peaceful and happy. With Ikohiko out of the way everyone has been rather content.

As of lately Chieko and Wikvaya have been sticking together like glue. They kisspop often, she doesn't retreat him as much as other norns, and they get along great!.

This is Chieko and Wikvayas little son Xavier (a common name in my world). Little Xavier is the cutest little boy norn! He is very active and intelegent. He's already used the norn home elevator without bumping or walking into anything once! For my norns that is a huge talent.

Chieko has stuck by her family near the norn home most of the time. Here she is laying with the sleeping Xavier. Xavier and Wikvaya have also not strayed far. For some reason I find Wikvaya sleeping near the norn home most of the time. At first I was worried with all of the sleeping he does that he may have some sort of sleeping sickness, but all examinations say that he's healthy. I'm hoping little Xavier hasn't inherited this.

We have had another old age death. Hareolf has died. He was one of my oldest norns. There is currently another still alive, only in adult stage, and older than him. I'm waiting to see just how long he lives.

Poor old Edi has also died. Another old norn that had existed for a very long time. He is now finally resting in peace! Edi is the one in the background, not the foreground.

 Meanwhile, in the garden by the norn home, Wikvaya has seemed to break Chieko out of her shell a little bit. I found her kisspopping like crazy, not just him, but she is traveling much more now between the norn home and the grendle jungle. I find her at the lemon trellis often, kisspopping occasionally with some norns there. Still no egg has developed from all of the kisspopping though. I'm concerned that Xavier may be her very last child.

Not long after, I found Chieko turning old sooner than I expected. She aged at 3Hours and 45Minutes, not even having reached 4 hours yet! I am choosing to blame this on her low generation of only 3.

To celebrate self sufficient norns and try to gather them all back together instead of spread out so much, I lowered the fridge back down to the norn home. It attracted Chieko as you can see, her son Xavier and Wikvaya. Chieko is actually asleep, not dead. Xavier is having a blast having his very first taste of honey! He doesn't want to put it down and seems very happy!

By the way... yes I am aware that many of my norns have disjointed bodies. This is because of the norn sprites not quite matching up I know. It doesn't bother me even though it may look silly with the norns arms comming out of his cheeks, or his head hovering above the neck. If it bothers any of you then I'm very sorry, but I can't help that. :P
Also, soon there will be a great migration! These migrations are never dangerous, but adjusting to the new place can be. Norns in new places may not know what to avoid or what not to avoid, or may get stuck in places they are not used to. Nobody knows where this new place will be yet. Every season there is a great migration of norns to a new place to live. I find it exciting every time it happens! The new places also tend to have an affect on the norns as long as they live there, some may be permanent, we'll see what happens!

Until next time, as sonic would say "see you on the flip side!"

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