Sunday, September 26, 2010

Invasion of the Visitors!

Today I was overrun with new visitors to my world. It was very exciting to say the least, if not a little overwhelming! Lots of them got rejected for being females since they dominate my world. Lets meet the visitors! Here, in order, we have Cristal (odd name for a male norn), Fulko and Apollo. These norns have not yet made it out of the bottom of the warp room and the chances of them doing that don't look very promising.

 On the other hand, little Ukichirou here has made it out! Here he is playing in the falling leaves of the big fall trees. Oddly enough, examination has found that his Lung functions are down to 0%, his lung organ is dead. I don't know for sure but i'd guess this means he cannot process oxygen as he is supposed to. How he is staying alive is beyond me.

Back in the peacefull world of Albia, Chieko has found a new romantic interest. She has been sticking by the side of Veltin for quite a while now.

Veltin even took her up to the second floor of the norn home on what appeared to be the cutest date ever. They sat atop the ledge and looked out over the horizon together and seemed to quite enjoy themselves.

A little while later, after much kisspopping, a pregnancy was announced! I was so excited to see Chieko become pregnant again. After so much kisspopping I was worried she wasn't going to have any more children.

 Chieko made her way calmly to the garden by the scarecrow and layed down to rest. Being pregnant seemed to tire her out very much, and she did not move once while pregnant. Eventually she fell into a peaceful sleep only to awaken to the urge to lay her egg, which she did in a pile of potatoes. Not long after Chieko left, Xavier came over and layed next to the egg. I thought it was a very touching moment that Xavier seemed to care for the egg too. Out of the egg will hatch a little girl norn named Virginia, and like many, the cutest little girl norn. Yes Virginia, there is a santa norn! And he helped keep you warm when you were still an egg :)

Back at the norn home, i'm getting a little worried about Veltin. This whole time, all his lfe, i've seen him do nothing but express himself. "Veltin hungry for starch, Veltin bored, Veltin very friendly." A little slap or two will snap him out of it long enough for him to grab a good quick dinner of nearby food and seeds, have him walk around a while, or kisspop with Chieko, but then he's right back to standing motionless, staring at the camera and expressing for hours.

That's all for today folks. I hope you enjoy yourselves with your own creatures games, and I wouldn't mind hearing about your adventures either!

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