Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Long Day

So much has happened that this post may be a little long. We have had another death, and many more births.

The day began pleasantly with an egg sign up in the top left of my screen. Always happy to see my norn population thriving I became excited and scrolled to Chieko to find her with the previous days visitor Ukichirou. I really like the siamese norn head on him, so I'll be interested to see what his offspring look like.

After leaving the two norns to be together, I scrolled to the lemon trellis where a large group seemed to be loitering. Usually the norn population is pretty spread out but occasionally the lemon trellis is THE place to be. I found every single norn there (about 5 in total *not an exact number, hence the word "about"*) all sleeping under the lemon trellis at the same time. Unfortunately I couldn't get the whole situation in this picture. But it was a sight to see!

A while later, after the egg had hatched to reveal a pretty little girl norn, I found the father Ukichirou sleeping with his daughter. I thought it was quite adorable and I'm so happy to see Ukichirou getting along so well with everyone.

Meanwhile I get news of the arrival of another visitor. This is Juushirou, from the same norn family as Ukichirou. Unfortunately the other norns that were visitors in the warp room didn't make it and died of old age in the bottom of the room. If you don't hear from my visitor norns after their arrival announcement it's a good bet they didn't make it out.

I returned to albia to find one of Chieko and Ukichirou's sons having aged far before his time. He became an adult when he should still be a baby! Fast agers don't bother me very much so I thought this was interesting to find out. Ukichirou is fathering many children during his time in Kono Sekai Wa.

Some new male births made their announcement into my world as well. Here are the new males listed.

 Here we have three cute sons of the now ancient Chieko. In order we have Iwaichirou, Eric (I was happy to see Eric when he hatched, like so many other norn babies, he is a cutie), and last but not least, Wohali (who VERY fascinatingly was born with C1 grendle legs! I must admit he looks a little weird with them).

I found little Juushirou wandering around in the norn meso, meaning he made it! I promptly deposited him in the norn home of aliba to live the rest of his days. Congratulations little Juuchirou!

 Not long after, i got another gravestone sign and clicked it to find Eric in a happy death pose. I was saddened to see one of my much needed male norns had passed on. I could have really used him to further the population. His death causes are unknown and mysterious.

With only two days left before the migration things are comming to a head. Chieko is now ancient past 5 hours and soon to make her journey to the great beyond herself. Which female norn will be next to join the herd of males in the world? Stay tuned until next time.

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