Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Day of Domestic Abuse

Welcome back to another episode! My aren't you lucky to witness the crowning of a new norn queen! Due to the passing of Chiyoe a new norn female will be crowned into this world.

Meet Chieko. This is Chiyoes sister. A very good looking norn I think! Chieko was born long ago, and is only norn generation 3.

Chiekos first experience in the world was walking right to get out of the norn home and being met with a barrage of kisspopping males! All female norns are exported at the age of youth, so that when they are imported again they will already be of breeding age.
Chieko kisspopped many times with many male norns, but has not yet gotten a pregnancy. I was beginning to get worried untill....

The first pregnancy finally happened! I just had to take a picture of the very first pregnancy. She's not sleeping, I just caught her in the middle of a blink. Boy just look at that face! She looks miserable.

Chieko walked all the way to the norn home to lay her very first egg. When it hatched by the warmth of the furnace a little boy was born. This is Varus. He was born very healthy, and happy! I wish him a lot of kisspopping in his future.

No, Chieko isn't dead. I just caught her in the middle of another blink. She seems to like to blink during my pictures. I found Chieko some time later in the norn home again, being slapped by the male norn whom is the one that has been doing all of the kisspopping with her. He follows her around, and she him at times. They seemed to like eachother very much, but then I find this. She is scared and I found her repeatedly trying to "retreat norn" him and even had to save her from running into the wall a few times while she did. I don't know what has gotten into Ikuhiko not to mention she is pregnant with his baby here.

Here is Ikuhiko, the father of most if not all of Chiekos new norn babies. Despite all of the slapping, Chieko and Ikuhiko must have made up, at least for a few minutes, because I returned to check on them only to find Chieko pregnant with his baby again! I was so happy! He milled around the norn home with a bright smile on his face like seen in this image while Chieko wen through her pregnancy. Then Chieko layed her egg and layed beside it to keep it company... I watched as Ikuhiko proceeded to walk over and begin slapping her again. He chased her all around the norn home! I had a heck of a time trying to catch them both and get them away from eachother. When Chieko finally escaped Ikuhikos cruelty and got out of the norn home Ikuhiko proceeded to walk to the egg and begin hitting it. This image was taken just as I got him to stop. That's not a very good father Ikuhiko!

Meanwhile, near the grendle jungle.. I found THE famous Peni where he was the last time I saw him... hours ago and now ancient. Curious as to why he was staying in one place without food around him (which isn't healthy) I watched him.. and found out he is having a little walking problem. In his senility he has developed a walking/limping problem and does not move no matter how much he moves his legs. I dumped some food magically at his feet with a little ctrl+alt+E action (or is it shift E?), watched him eat it up, and then attempt to walk again to get more. Being the kind shee that I am I took his hand and gently guided him to the lemon trellis where food is abundant. There he stays to spend the rest of his life eating in the company of family.

Not long after, I got a message at the top of my screen that I had a visitor! Meet this little guy. I leave my norns in the warp room and wait to see if they can make it to the norn meso on their own. Thats my IQ test. I'll be eager to see if he makes it through, then he can join my world. I wouldn't mind seeing his genetics mix in with my creatures, he looks very different and interesting!

Will Chieko and Ikuhiko ever live in peace together or are they doomed to a love hate relationship? Will the new visitor survive the IQ test and make it into my world? Stay tuned!

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