Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why we can't have a family tree

     Well I just spent the last two hours trying to map out, from the beginning, the family tree of all the previous norns in this blog starting with the very first, Peni. It started out really difficult, and evolved into impossible! Some of it is because I lost my little booklet that listed all of the norns and their children, some of it is because I never blogged all of the daughters when they were born (they were simply exported without mention so I don't know who they all were and when exported later as the queen I never knew who their mothers were), and some of it simply because any program that I found to use to create the family tree never allowed for inbreeding (to put it simply). Sometimes the queen would produce children with her own sons, it happens in Creatures let's face it.
     Because of this I found myself trying to find ways around this.. which ended up with really WEIRD family tree branches, or even duplicates of the same norn! This simply wouldn't do, yet I was still continuing, thinking "I can just explain these anomalies with text to those who are looking at the tree.." But then I ran across the next line of queens being imported and no mother was listed, which is fine.. except the program required me to have her linked to the rest of the family somehow. At first I just thought "I'll link her as Peni's daughter.." But then I thought to myself "no, that would be lying! And to be sure there will be more like her that I'll have to lie about! Eventually half the family tree will be a lie!" and one thing I really don't want to do is lie about who is related to who, because that makes the family tree kind of useless. The whole point of a family tree is to see who is related to who!

     When I created the blog Confessions Of A Shee and began writing in it I never planned to have a family tree so I never kept enough records or data about anything. Unfortunately this means that listing everyone in a family tree is impossible if you want to be accurate. It's just a whole big cluster, which is a shame because I was really looking forward to seeing the completed tree myself.

If anyone wants to follow my new norn tribes feel free to create family trees to follow. I will be doing my best to list all the fathers and mothers of each child (unlike last time) which should make it easier to create a family tree. Sorry if my own lack of family tree tracking has disappointed anyone. To be honest it has disappointed myself because the idea was really fun to me.

But we do have the future to look forward to! Chin up!

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