Thursday, December 17, 2015

First Stream

     I got my first Creatures stream of this world under my belt. I must say it didn't go too well. Just as I prepared to stream my elderly cat had a #2 accident all over the place, so I had to postpone for 15 or so minutes unfortunately.

     Streaming without voice is more difficult than I thought. You would think it would be easier. As the stream went on I became increasingly aware that since nobody could hear my reactions, and nobody had explanations of what I was doing, everything just seemed kind of bland.

     Banun'zo and Apya had another baby, it was a new baby boy which I'm very happy about. It means I can introduce a youth stage female from Nyrn when the boys are youth age without any problems.
     Unfortunately Apya died from mysterious causes, I suspect starvation of some sort. He became obsessed with the drums by the ocean and wouldn't do anything else as much as I begged him to. It was a very sad passing. Banun'zo stayed by his side for a long time before he disappeared into a cloud. And after that Banun'zo seemed to become very depressed and would do nothing but sleep, even when presented with food.
     I finally convinced her to do other things, but the only other things she'd do is try to approach the jungle, which i'm figuring out is the volcano area. I don't know why she became obsessed with the jungle. Her loneliness continues to be extremely high ever since Apya's passing, poor thing.

Here is the link to the highlight of the whole ordeal:
Twitch Highlight

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