Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What We Have So Far

     Pictured above are three norns: Apya, the father.. Tiger Eye, the son.. and Banun'zo, the mother. Banun'zo is the resulting progeny of a competition between five Cff norns. Apya is a CFG norn hatched specifically to be added to the gene pool. They have had a son, Tiger Eye.

     What I want to do is explore the overall intelligence of the CFG norns (cff also alright but prefer CFG) down the line. So far the norns have been extremely independent, too much so.  They have been taking care of themselves far more than I expected. In fact, I've never been able to step in to help them with anything, as much as I have wanted to. Every time I try, they take care of themselves! This pleases me and it also frustrated me. It makes the game a little boring, but if it continues several dozen generations down the line then I will have my answer.

     I have to decide (and maybe with input and ideas from you guys I can come up with a solution) how I want to proceed with the breeding. Ideally I would like to have only a mother and father and their children in the world at a time to prevent inbreeding and have a tighter control over who breeds with who. However, this prevents me from being able to observe the social interactions and social culture of the creatures. In order to prevent inbreeding I would have had to export each child when they reach youth, which would leave just the parents to interact only with each other and their babies, ever. Bah.

     So I thought to myself why not just do what I have done in the past and have a single queen among a bunch of males. I could focus on the genetic line on the maternal side. While this might give me results in the end they would be a little loose, meaning I wouldn't be able to control the male's passing of genetics and who the fathers are, leaving room for more genetic mistakes. (Meaning some inferior male's genes will get into the pool) In theory the inferior genes would eventually get bred out since I am selectively breeding on the mothers side.. but it would be slow going for.. indefinitely.

     These are the only two ideas I have at the moment and i'm not pleased with the con's of both of them. I wish I could find a happy medium somewhere in between.. but I haven't come up with one yet. I have to brainstorm more. If anyone has ideas feel free to enlighten me!

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